Friday, September 08, 2017


The weather inversion that has kept the smoke trapped in the Northwest has begun to lift and the skies here are clearer - the health risk lower. It is such a relief to get some air movement! This does not mean the smoke is gone, or that the fires are out, just that it's better and we'll definitely take better!!

With better air quality I was outside this morning doing some watering and found a couple of surprises.

I found a beautiful new bloom on Lady of Shallot - are those colors glorious?!

And right behind her is an iris in second bloom!

So much fun! There is about a ton of deadheading and removing of spent blooms that I need to do. I love the phlox mixed in the garden, but when it's done blooming, it just needs to come out.

Coffee Quaker has been out to play all week and here she is at the end of her rotation.

I think I made some good progress and am just over half way done!

Have you seen the Starbucks You Are Here series of mugs - the ones that Michelle Garrette, Bendy Stitchy on Flosstube, features all the time? We have a small collection around here that we've picked up here and there on our travels. Our youngest daughter has worked at Starbucks for a couple of years, so we have an appreciation for that company now. :)  Anyway, I really like the size, shape, colors, just everything about them and look forward to choosing a new city or state each morning and thinking about the trip that took me there.

This morning I used Vancouver Island.

The city of Victoria is on Vancouver Island and that's where the Victoria Sampler retreat is, so I have many wonderful memories of several retreats, wonderful friends, and beautiful stitching!

As Hurricane Irma bears down on our friends in Florida, let's all keep them in our prayers and be ready to help in the recovery!


Barb said...

I do love those mugs. We have only one but the next time I am in Alabama I am going to get another. Your Quaker coffee is delightful!! It is good to have a bit of relief here, but so many are still suffering. Today I am thankful my sister and BIL left south Florida to move back to IN to be near family.

Pamela said...

Nice memories with the mugs! There are many Starbucks in Japan, but I haven't seen location mugs. Maybe I haven't looked! Your coffee stitching is coming along nicely.

Brigitte said...

Your Quaker sampler has seen a lot of attention and you made good progress on it.
You are right, this rose colour is just gorgeous. I have a similar one. When the buds open it's red, when the flowers opens up completely it gets orange tones, and when it starts withering it becomes pink. I don't even know the name of my rose because it's one of the plants that my husband brought home from a store rescuing it from drying up.

Marilyn said...

Your flowers are so pretty, love the peach color Rose.
Great progress on Coffee Quaker!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Quaker Coffee is looking super, Von. What red thread are you using? Glad to hear that your air is a bit clearer. Still praying for the containment of the wild fires and those who are dealing with them. Enjoy your weekend!