Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Stay Indoors!

We've had a horrendous time with disasters here in the U.S. lately. H. Harvey devastated Houston and the surrounding area, H. Irma is Category 5 and scheduled to hit S. Florida in a few days. We are all sympathetic to the people in Texas and sending prayers and dollars for their restoration. What hasn't been much in the news is the wildfires that are devastating the Northwest. Montana has been especially hard hit and the fires there may keep going until the snow flies. There's a fire about 150 miles from my home near Cle Elum, Washington, and now the Eagle Creek fire in the Oregon Columbia River Gorge has jumped that massive river over to the Washington side. That's just a few of the fires. It's bad here folks. Highways are closed, evacuations have been ordered, buildings destroyed in Glacier Park and other places, and firefighters have been working endlessly.

The air quality is rated unhealthy to extremely unhealthy and this is what it looked like out my window this morning:

No recess or any outdoor activities for the school children. In fact, no one should be taking any exercise at all outdoors. Those who struggle with respiratory issues are really having a tough time of it. So, as stitchers, we all have a fall back activity!

I was able to finally get Daisy Sampler by Country Cottage Needleworks finished.

Then I brought out Coffee Quaker for a turn in the rotation.

Worked on the sides of the design and made pretty good progress over the weekend.

I'll keep it out for another day or two, then move on to another project.

The air wasn't too awful yesterday morning and I was able to get some of my garden beds cleaned up and trimmed. Since I couldn't continue with that job this morning, I came into the office a little early - it's payroll time once again.

Keep the Northwest in your thoughts and prayers. A good rain (without lightning) would help things right now!


Barb said...

At least your pretty stitching makes me smile. Can you believe we had ash on our deck chairs this morning? That has never happened before. Things really are in a sorry state.

Robin in Virginia said...

Lovely stitches, Von! What blue are you using in Coffee Quaker? Saying a prayer for the areas dealing with wildfires. Be safe!

Vickie said...

Daisy Sampler is adorable. I am praying.

Pamela said...

Beautiful stitching! I hadn't heard (read) anything about the fires. Stay safe!

diamondc said...

Good Morning Von: I am sad to hear about the fires, I hope you stay safe and of course I hope your home is safe, I live in Minnesota and will maybe see something in the air due to the fires, Manitoba is just above Minnesota and they have fires also.
Lovely stitching, I love the Daisy sampler it makes me smile.


Brigitte said...

These fires must be so bad, and as you say, not only for the regions where they are but also in other regions where the air gets affected by all the smoke. I hope that there will be heavy rainfall very soon.
Such a sweet little finish, Von. I love these small LHN designs. And nice progress on your Quaker.