Thursday, August 10, 2017


Right in the middle of a long stretch of over 100 degree temperatures, much of our family headed to Ocean Park, Washington, for our family reunion where the high reaches to 65 degrees F. Not only have we had heat, but the air in this state in downright unhealthy because of smoke from forest fires all around us, but most of it coming from the fires in British Columbia. Really, it's just awful and especially so if you have asthma or other respiratory issues. But the air at the beach was fresh, blowing in off the Pacific Ocean.

Our camp at Ocean Park Resort
Isaac and Sarah at Ocean Park
This was little Isaac's first trip to the beach. I feel sorry for his parents having to deal with a little wiggly guy on such a long car ride - about six hours from home. But he did like all the attention he got from everyone! We missed the Kennewick family that couldn't go, especially little Gideon, but we'll make up for it next year! Overall attendance was lower this year for a variety of reasons. I must say that the potluck food was especially good tho with Cousin Eric bringing in two coolers full of fresh crab he'd just pulled from his pots the day before. Most of us went home with a bag or two of leftover crab - YUM!

I took a couple of stitching projects along and did have a chance to pull out Coffee Quaker.

Finished up the top right motif. Yes, I did leave one of the little forks the brown color when I meant for it to be blue. Just wasn't going to do more ripping out. Then I went on to this motif:

As soon as I finish this motif, I'm going to pull out the little VS Beach Cottage project for a few days.

Tuesday we had to come back to the heat and to work. But looks like we get to make a quick trip over the mountains for a Mariners game on Saturday evening!

Have a great stitchy week, friends! With the heat and smoke here, there's not much more one can do.


Barb said...

Von, this post makes me think I need a trip to the ocean right now. Hasn't this just been terrible. We have used our AC for several days now, that is rare for us. I am so glad we have it. What a darling little boy. He looks like he was very happy. I love the coffee Quaker. I had to look twice to see where you had stitched in brown, looks just fine! Let's hope for at least some better air soon!

Brigitte said...

Your family reunion certainly was a fun event. And what a difference it must have been between the air full of smoke and the ocean air. And also must more enjoyable temperatures at the seaside. Great to see that you could even stitch a bit. Your Quaker piece looks so good.

Marilyn said...

I hope the heat and smoke subside for you soon.
Glad you enjoyed camping anyway.
Great progress!

Pamela said...

What a fun family reunion! Hope you get a break from the heat and smoke!

Vickie said...

Sounds and looks like a lovely time Von. Little Isaac is precious.

Robin in Virginia said...

It sounded like you had a good time at the beach! Coffee Quaker is looking good, Von! Enjoy your weekend!