Wednesday, November 02, 2016

WIP Wednesday and a Birthday

I've been trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we are now into November and thus I've hardly gotten any stitching done the last couple of days! Here's the extent of my stitching this week:

A Moment in Chalk

And even "its own" isn't quite finished, lacking a few stitches of the gray to fill it out. But really, the project is getting fairly close to a finish! There is the word Beauty, which admittedly is BIG, a flourish, then the border and it will be done.

Like 2016 is almost done! Yikes!

And if it's now November 2, that means it's Geneva's birthday and she's 4 years old!

This morning we went shopping together for her gifts and as it was kinda early, Ross was about the only thing open. Luckily they had just what she wanted - a pair of pink boots! And we also found a pair of sparkly blue play shoes and a new backpack that she really wanted. :D Then we ran an errand over to the Pasco office of our company. On the way back to my house, I asked her what her favorite foods are. "French fries and ketchup, salad, bacon, potatoes and I like to drink water," she says. So instead of lunch, we had brunch at IHOP - pancakes, eggs, bacon, hash browns with ketchup, orange juice, and water. Got most of her favorite things covered!

Birthday Girl
And yes, she wore her princess dress out shopping. Why not, lol!

I hope your Wednesday morning was as fun as mine!


Pamela said...

What a cutie! Happy Birthday to her! Hard to believe it is November already.

Barb said...

Not nearly as fun as yours! She is just adorable. You are so blessed to have so much family nearby.

Julie.C said...

Hi, Happy Birthday to Geneva she certainly looks like she is enjoying herself, my Granddaughters birthday is next month the year is flying by fast. I to am a little behind with stitching and wanting to finish some gifts i am making, I think we will get there in the end.
Have a lovely day.

Marilyn said...

So cute.
Happy B-Day to Geneva.
It looks like she got everything she wanted. :)

Julie said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your little lady, she's got a lovely smile.

Vickie said...

Absolutely precious! Love it.

Brigitte said...

This little princess looks like a very happy girl. Being spoilt by grandma must be so very special.