Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Thank you all for the kind words wishing Kirsten a quick recovery from her wisdom teeth extraction! I'm afraid the anesthesia did a number on her stomach and she was quite nauseous all day Friday. My main concern was for her to not become dehydrated! We succeeded in that and by Saturday morning she was able to hold down  a small amount of food. She's doing much better now, the swelling is pretty much gone and pain levels are tolerable. In fact, she went back to class today and thought she really could have gone back yesterday.

Saturday was also my twins' 23rd birthday. Kyle went up to Spokane for the Regional X-Country meet to help out his high school team. Kamiakin qualified to go on to the Super Regional which will decide the teams who will go to State. And in the evening we took Kevin and Sarah out to Thai food at their favorite place.

Most of the day I was with Kirsten, getting things for her, watching football games, and stitching between laundry loads. The sun came out which really helps my motivation for getting things done around the house!

Lately, I've put most of my time into November from the Joyful World SAL. Here's my progress:

I'm getting close enough to a finish that I just want to concentrate on it, get it done, then start a couple more projects before December comes out!

So I think I'll get back to it! Have a great day!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Busy weekend! Glad your girl is feeling better!

Carol said...

So glad your daughter is recovering well... My youngest son got dry socket after his wisdom teeth removal--oh, so painful!!

Lovely progress on your SAL, Von--you're almost there :)

Vickie said...

Well I am glad Kirsten is back to class.
Your SAL is so very close to done! :D

Pamela said...

You've had your hands full! Nice progress on the November peacock.

Barb said...

Nov. is very pretty. I am glad your daughter is better. The same thing happened to me many years ago when I had mine pulled.

Marilyn said...

Glad your daughter is feeling better.
Sounds like a busy time in your household! :)
Great progress on November.

Annie said...

Wisdom teeth, ugh! I remember having mine extracted many moons ago and the nightmares still haunt me!

I think I'll be late on the November SAL installment. Yours is looking good.

Julie said...

Good news your daughter is recovered enough to return to school.
Nice progress on the SAL, I've just started September lol.

Brigitte said...

So good to read that your daughter is recovering after the wisdom tooth extraction. Not being able to eat and drink and feeling miserable because of the effects of anesthesia is such a bad thing to go go through. I hope that she will be fully recovered soon.
Nice progress on November.