Friday, October 21, 2016

Dark Friday

It's gloomy here today. That makes it a pretty good day to get your wisdom teeth extracted and lay low. Not me - my youngest had them out this morning early and I'm playing nurse. I did go in to the office to do the banking, but that's all. Kirsten is doing pretty well, mostly sleeping with Netflix on - Gilmore Girls right now. So I'm staying nearby, getting in some stitching and changing out ice packs now and then.

There's been a square finish on Red Velvet Inscription:

Being gloomy today, this didn't photograph that well, but this is the "I" square. Hidden within this design are four letter Is. Next up is "J" and a page finish won't be too far behind!

I've also done a little work on November in the Joyful World SAL.

I stitched most of the peacock at the oral surgeon's office this morning. Last night I got the blue flowered plant to the right of it restitched. The stems in the DMC colorway are supposed to be 310 (black) but I wasn't happy with it. So I found another unnamed limited edition GAST that had a little black and some lighter browns than the floss I'm using for the border. Perhaps you can see it better in the pic below.

The main stem is done in the same floss as the border, the offshoots in the the lighter GAST, and I'm pretty happy with the choice.

On Wednesday morning I had three of my grandchildren over for awhile. My 8yr granddaughter has been showing a little interest in sewing, so I pulled some embroidery out and asked her if she was interested in giving it a try. I thought that embroidery on a stamped fabric might be easier for a very young beginning stitcher. She said she would like to try! We'll give it a go next Wednesday.

The garden is really winding down now, but I found a few roses with a bloom.

I don't mind the gloom and damp today, but I hope the clouds move on soon!

Have a good weekend!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Yuck - wisdom teeth extraction stinks! I love love the white on the pink! I like the branch change!

Barb said...

I send get better wishes to your daughter. I have been through that many years ago and then with both of my kids, no fun at all!!!! I do love the stitching. I like the color changes you made. Ok, we had a little sun this am but rain by 4 when I was leaving the school where I volunteer. The sun felt really nice after what is becoming one of the rainiest Octobers ever.

Vickie said...

I remember having my wisdom teeth out. ugh.
Your stitching looks great. Good choices. :D

Anna van Schurman said...

I hope you can bring your granddaughter over to the dark side. ;) I love teaching kids to stitch!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your projects are coming along so beautifully ! So glad your passing on the art of stitching. I hope your granddaughter loves it?

Julie said...

Get well wishes for your daughter, I hope she is healing well.
Red Velvet looks lovely.
I've seen a few alterations to the peacock month, with colours being changed, yours looks lovely.

Brigitte said...

That's the perfect weather for staying on the couch and stitching. But I don't know if there is a perfect day for getting your wisdom teeth extracted. I hope your daughter isn't feeling too bad.
Nice progress on your projects.