Wednesday, September 14, 2016

WIPs on Wednesday

Since finishing September in the Joyful World SAL, I pulled out Red Velvet Inscription to put some stitching into. I finished the G square and started the H square yesterday, but didn't take a pic of that yet. Here's the G square:

The fabric is 40 ct which seems so small after weeks of stitching on 32ct. But with one strand of floss, it's gotten quite easy for me and I'm moving along nicely! I just need to keep it in the rotation, and maybe I'll be able to do that since I've caught up on Joyful World!

The other wip I worked on this week is A Moment in Chalk. I love this design!

Working on the word "Moment"

This one is on 30 ct Gunmetal, and I've adjusted well to stitching on the dark linen, even in the evening now with really good light.

So that's about all I've done this week. This morning I pulled together my supplies for October in the Joyful World SAL and will be getting started on that in the coming week. The owls in September grew on me, but I adored the hedgehog in October at first sight!

Thanks for visiting and have a wonderful day!


Barb said...

Both designs are lovely. I'm not sure I could stitch on 40 ct.! I would need a great magnifier for sure!

Marilyn said...

Great projects.
The fabric for Red Velvet Inscription is so pretty.

Vickie said...

Red Velvet is so pretty. I love everything Hands On Design. :)
I like the hedgehog too!

Annie said...

Good progress. Love that pink fabric, but 40 count! My eyes are hurting at the thought. Great that it works for you so well!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Looking good- love that pink fabric!

Carol said...

Very pretty--I am really enjoying your progress on A Moment in Chalk--glad you've adjusted to the dark linen because that really makes that design!