Monday, September 12, 2016

September is Finshed!

Joyful World SAL - September
I am caught up! September was actually finished on the 9th, which I thought was one day before the October design is released. But the release date is going to be tomorrow, the 13th, so I get to be caught up for four days, woohoo!

While waiting for October release, I've been working on A Moment in Chalk and Red Velvet Inscription of which I'll post update pics later this week.

On Sunday afternoon, Gary and I went out to Frichette Winery to pick up our wine club release. We took along a little cheese and salami snack and we're so glad we did because Greg and Shae have a new wine club lounge! They built it on a new upper level to take advantage of the views.

View to the west - vineyards and Rattlesnake Mountain
There is a big-screen TV - great for watching the Seahawks win over Miami (although Miami played much better than I thought they would).

After our tasting we bought a bottle of their rose, which is made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes which I haven't seen before.

Glass of Rose - Cab Sauv varietal
Look at the lovely color! And there's definitely a brighter flavor than you usually taste in rose. Shae recommends drinking it with your turkey on Thanksgiving.

Frichette is hosting a wine dinner and jazz on Saturday evening to celebrate their 3rd anniversary, and we love jazz and wine so - it's perfect, and we're going! It's been so fun to visit the winery and watch the growth from empty pole building, to getting up some walls and paint, furniture, and now their lounge, plus they've just built a production building this summer. There will be more changes in the future as they plant a small vineyard on their own property and in a few years will have some estate-grown wines.

Gary thinks we should be able to cut cable and watch football out at Frichette, but I can assure you that's not happening, lol! Wine and stitching do not go together (for me) and I like to stitch while watching the games. :)

Well, today was my first day of teaching ESL. About half were new students to level 3 and half were returnees. It seems that most of the students are on a lower level than some of the students I had last year, so I will be adjusting the curriculum. There were ten students and we really got on a roll with asking questions and talking - so much so that I went 10 minutes beyond class time! I love when that happens!

So I'm looking forward to teaching again tomorrow, and to getting in some more football watching and stitching tonight!

Have a great day!


Rowyn said...

Gorgeous little owls!

Vickie said...

Very nice finish Von. Where do you read of the October release date?

Carol said...

The September SAL finish is darling--those owls are too cute :)

Your ESL class sounds very rewarding--for both the teacher and her students! Enjoy!!

Cricket-bug Corner said...

Love the owls. Fun winery trip!! We used to go in Grand Junction Colorado!

Barb said...

Sept. is so pretty with the cute owls. I do love that photo of the wine. It makes me want to have a glass right now.

viv said...

Lovely stitching and scenery.

Brigitte said...

Such great views from the vinery windows.
Congrats on finishing September soo early before the arrival of the October design.