Wednesday, September 28, 2016

WIP Progression

If it's Wednesday, it must be a progress post!

There's not as much progress as I'd like to see, but there's been some.

Here's October in the Joyful World SAL. You can see I've almost got a finish here! I'm eager to finish it and concentrate on A Moment in Chalk and Red Velvet Inscription until the November design is released.

And since those designs aren't enough to be working on, I've added a new one.

This is Brew-Haha from Plum Street Samplers, a freebie on the website. I saw this design on another blog (forgive me for not remembering whose blog it was on), and thought it looked like a quick stitch, a good one for October, and so appropriate for me as an avid coffee lover. It's coming along nicely!

I did get a few stitches on A Moment in Chalk, but not enough to share a pic.

And I'm getting close to a square finish on Red Velvet Inscription.

I'm so enjoying stitching on these projects!

This morning I brought the three youngest of my oldest daughter's children to my house while Mystie taught an English class to a group of homeschoolers. They were wanting to go out and do some stuff, but I really needed to get caught up on some laundry, so I bought them a smoothie, then we went home to watch cartoons and fold clothes. I'd like to take them out all the time, but you gotta keep them guessing and not expecting a grand expedition every time, lol! That's life. :)

Have a great stitchy day!


Barb said...

Love all the stitching. The little hedgehog on Oct. is so cute. I will have to look up that Halloween design. Although for this year, I think I am kind of Halloween stitched out. I loved your comment about the grand children! So true!

Julie said...

Nice new start, a fun stitch.

Vickie said...

I bet you are done with the SAL by now! I am almost there myself. I hope to have it done today. You sure are keeping busy!!

Carol said...

You have so many pretty projects! Love that hedgehog--what a cutie! How nice that you have your grandkids nearby--a true blessing :)