Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thorny Thursday

This morning as I was walking in the garden, I was trying to find some blooms that I haven't shared for awhile. Blooming is slowing down, but some of the shrubs have put off some long shoots lately - really hilarious! When the weather cools down some more, I'll have to cut back these tall canes so they're not whipping around in the wind all winter.

Foreground - Awakening
Background - Hyde Hall
Queen of Sweden
Last nite was a quiet evening spent taking a nice walk, then a little stitching. I put the final stitches in October, so I'll be sharing that tomorrow.

I hope you have a perfectly lovely day!


Barb said...

Von, I always love seeing your beautiful roses! I just wish I could smell them!

Marilyn said...

Beautiful Roses.

Vickie said...

A perfectly pink post! :D

viv said...

So lovely.

Julie said...

Just having a sniff of the screen ..... wildeve looks a stunner.

Brigitte said...

We don't have a lot of flowers in our garden now either, just some purple asters, a lot of yellow sun choke and orange and red roses.roses - but the colour combo is awesome. Your roses seem to be still in full bloom.