Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thorny Thursday

Thursday is the day we take a stroll through the garden to enjoy the roses.

Koko Loko

Koko Loko
The enchanting Koko Loko has been blooming profusely lately. I'm so glad I planted her close to my patio to better enjoy the color changes as the blooms open!

Unfortunately I somehow lost track of the name of this little lovely. I hope to figure it out one day!

Golden Celebration
Sometimes I wonder if I should move Golden Celebration to a place where she'd be happier. This one should be much bigger and produce way more flowers, so I get excited when I see new blooms.

Spirit of Freedom
Spirit of Freedom has put out a nice flush of blooms this week.

Sheila's Perfume
And this one loves where she's planted and fills the garden with blossoms and scent!

It's time for another fertilizing session and more mulch. Always so much to do in the garden - but what a reward for my labor!

Thank you for strolling with me today!


Barb said...

Von, Your roses are just spectacular. I always enjoy the photos of them.

Vickie said...

You have quite the the touch with roses Von. They are lovely.

Paula Lima said...

Your roses are lovely!