Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Rodeo, Sawyer, and Errors

The Benton-Franklin County Fair and Rodeo ended on Saturday. Gary and I attended the rodeo both Friday and Saturday evenings; on Friday with son Kevin and his wife, on Saturday with our Yakima office manager Shelly and her husband. It's a great opportunity to treat people who are special to us as we get sponsor tickets which includes a wonderful catered dinner and close-up seating to the rodeo - I mean getting dirt kicked on you and maybe even a cowboy landing almost in your lap as he's running from a bull! Earlier in the week tickets went to some of our other kids and their friends, hard-working employees, and our former business partner. The weather was great all week, making the experience even better.

Now we're looking forward to a long Labor Day weekend!

On the stitching front, I received my Gingher Sawyer scissors from The Nordic Needle last week. I really love the red and white leaf design on the handles.

I have a nice little collection of this Gingher series of scissors. They stay sharp even to the tip and have a nice weight and feel to them. And they're pretty - I love that!

Then as I was taking a turn with September (Joyful World SAL) last night, having a good time stitching and watching TV, I forgot that the middle ground was a brown section.

I just kept going with the pattern and discovered my error at the point that you can see in the pic above. Ugh! Friends, I am not going to rip this one out. However the pattern comes out at the other end will just have to do, lol!

That's about it for today. Have a lovely day!


Cricket-bug Corner said...

Oh rats!! Yours will just be one of a kind!! 😊

Barb said...

It looks good to me. I only frog when there is no other way!!!! The fair sounds like a lot of fun. We just finished the Kitsap Co. Fair too. I didn't go , most of the time just too hot for me!

Beth in IL said...

Love the scissors. Error? I didn't see any....

Vickie said...

Ah yep. I made that mistake yesterday as well. I was chatting away with my husband. I did rip it out and fixed it up last night.

Brigitte said...

I hope you were having a great Labour Day weekend, stitching, relaxing and just having fun. Nice start on the September SAL piece. And who knows about the error but you? Lol.