Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Back from the Beach

We had a marvelous weekend at Ocean Park for the annual Paulson family reunion. There was a good turnout, great food, and the weather was about perfect. The wind wasn't bad, the temps were in the 60s, and the sun even broke through now and then. There were a few rain showers on Sunday morning, but you have to expect some of that.

Sunday afternoon we went down to Astoria, Oregon, to the Column (as we usually do) to enjoy the views and fly some balsa wood airplanes. Gary and his brother Jim plus our boys go scouring the hillside for planes to add to the ones that we buy to help support the Column. The haul was good this year.

Some of the planes they found.

Jaeger with some of his haul.
Jaeger was our only grand to go along with us this year, so he really enjoyed getting all the attention, especially from his uncles.

Then they (sometimes me too) climb the stairs to the top of the Column to send the airplanes back out to the hillside.

Astoria Column
View of the mouth of the Columbia River
After flying the planes, we had ice cream at Scoopers in Long Beach - best ice cream ever!

We always love going to the beach for our reunion and hope next year we can spend a couple more days.

Now back to the routine.

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Vickie said...

Oh such fun! Haven't flown a plane like that in years. ;)