Monday, August 01, 2016

A Little Bit of New Stash

There I was, doing my Saturday thing (laundry), when an idea popped into my mind . . . why don't I take a break and drive into Richland to Needful Needlecrafts. I needed some more needles as the ones I bought at Michaels were crap, and the thought occurred to me that I might find a new project that I really don't need. And sure enough - I did!

You can see I got some quality needles. The Pony brand is new to me and I like the different colored eyes for different sizes so I'm trying out a set. Then I saw they had the A Moment in Chalk  by Hands on Design that comes with the buttons from JABC.

I had admired this design on a couple of blogs last week, so it jumped into my hands as I was browsing all the goodies at the shop. Of course, I got the linen - 30 ct Gunmetal from Weeks Dye Works - and one skein of Chalk by Gentle Arts. I'll need more Chalk, but they just had the one. I would have bought the other GA threads, but I wanted to check my stash first. I had only one which means I'll be making another trip to Richland soon.

That night the wind started to blow and out went the heat wave. Our normal low 90s are back again. And so are the wildfires. There was a good-sized one out near Prosser and the sky here is so smoky you can hardly see Rattlesnake Mountain. If you didn't know it was there, you probably wouldn't see it at all. Rain is what we need to clean up the air, but that's not in the forecast. Maybe another wind will blow it somewhere else.

The 27th was my husband's birthday, so to celebrate we went to see the new Star Trek movie at the new theater in town. It's one with the recliners and little tables - so very comfortable. But also so very loud!! My goodness! It's a good thing I had my earphones along so I could dull the din. Other than that, we enjoyed the movie.

I hope you had a good weekend, dear reader! I'll be back soon with an update on my April and August Joyful World SAL pieces.


Maggie said...

Nice new project :-)

I use Peacemaker needles, they are the nicest I've come across and last longer too.

Our weather has taken a turn for the worse, rain rain and more rain :-(

Vickie said...

Oh I like your new project! I am sorry to hear about your weather and wildfires.

Marlene jones said...

I use Pony needles all the time, they are good.

viv said...

Belated best wishes to your hubby. My dh has his birthday tomorrow so we went to see the new Jason Bourne movie. Guys love the action and this one sure had plenty of crashes...and once again leaves everything hanging. Congrats on the new stuff. Your new project looks fun.

Do hope you get some weather relief.