Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thorny Thursday

Here's a quick glimpse of the roses blooming this week.

Hyde Hall growing along the west fence

Hyde Hall
Peach Silk

Peach Silk
The extreme heat takes a toll on the blooms. They're smaller, usually less color, and they don't last as long on the bush. After this heat wave passes, it'll be time to fertilize again!


Barb said...

Just beautiful Von. I hope the heat doesn't last too long.

Maggie said...

Beautiful roses, i didn't know there was one named after me, (Hyde) lol.
I will have to look out for that over here :-)

Ann said...

But the ones you have are beautiful!

Vickie said...


viv said...

Your pictures belong in a gardening magazine. Your roses and the pictures are always so exquisite. A little update, we've had almost 2 inches of much needed rain in the past two days.