Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thorny Thursday

Whew! Almost 100 degrees today! They promise cooler temps tomorrow, then the heat starts to come back again Sunday. And sure enough, looks like temps around the century mark for the Water Follies. That sounds like summer in the Tri-Cities!

Some of the roses have been putting out blooms again. Here are some of the best in the garden tonight.



Graham Thomas

Graham Thomas

 Stay cool, my friends!


Vickie said...

Beautiful! Stay cool my friend! It is just as hot here also. :(

viv said...

Your roses are beautiful. It is miserably hot here as well.

Rebekka said...

Your stitching, and your roses are absolutely lovely! This is my first year growing Austin roses, but I've not had many blooms yet, my plants being very young. Your beauties gives me something to look forward to! I've potted up Graham Thomas, Heritage, Golden Celebration, Jude the Obscure, and one other that I can't remember without stepping outside at the moment.
Happy stitching and gardening!