Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Vegas Weekend

Friday Gary and I hopped a plane for Las Vegas on an incentive trip from one of the companies we represent. Days before leaving the weather report looked perfect - sunshine and temps in the 80s. Good thing I checked right before I finished packing; Friday's weather was nice, Saturday looked like this:

View from the Vdara Hotel
But by the time we'd gone to the buffet with a group of fellow insurance agents, the weather turned decent and we ventured out once again. The Bellagio Conservatory is always beautiful.

We also did a walk through the Forum shops at Caesar's Palace. It's always amazing to look at the designer shops and think that people must actually pay those prices or there wouldn't be a shop!

Not being ones to gamble away hard-earned cash, we found great entertainment just watching the people, especially young women, coming off the elevator ready for a night on the town. Let's just say not many were dressed office appropriate! We didn't get out to a show either, although sometime I'd like to. But Gary has a hard time paying for a movie so the price of a show is a little much for him, lol! But if something comes along that I want to see bad enough, I think I can get my way.

I did get a little stitching done since the weather wasn't always cooperative. Here is a finished March from the Joyful World SAL.

There's my little stitching spot next to the window - very nice! And the sun came out on Sunday for our last few hours in town. It was really nice to get away from the office and other home responsibilities for a bit. We really needed some down time!

And while I was gone the roses have exploded! More on that later.


Barb said...

At least it was wonderful inside! We have never been to Vegas. We don't gamble and the shows are probably a bit over the budget. But,like you,I might get my way if there was someone I really liked. It is always nice to get away for just a few days!

Vickie said...

Never been to Las Vegas either. What a gorgeous indoor garden you took pictures of. You finished the SAL piece! :D

Carol said...

Nice to get away... I've only been to Vegas once and that was enough for me! We had all three boys with us (in their teens) and yes, the sights of some of the scantily dressed women on the streets, etc. certainly opened their eyes :)

Love your March finish!

Brigitte said...

Nice stay in Vegas. One always finds things there to enjoy. And that needn't necessarily be gambling, lol.