Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Thorny Thursday

An appropriate title for an update on my roses as once the blooms are exploding, the deadheading starts and the thorns are constantly catching my clothes. Guess in addition to the leather gauntlets I wear, I need to wear a leather shirt and pants too!

Peach Silk
Geoff Hamilton foreground/Graham Thomas in the background
Sister Elizabeth


Julie said...

Such fabulous blooms.
I have visited the Geoff Hamilton garden here in the UK.
Your trip to Las Vegas looks lovely, such marvellous tulips.

Brigitte said...

Oh my, what a sight all these wonderful roses are. Can't wait to see ours bloom, but at the moment they are even not budding. No wonder when the nights are so cold that I have ice on the car windows in the morning.

Vickie said...

mmm. How lovely these are.

Barb said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your advice. I can't wait to visit the Columbia Gorge!!

Angela said...

Beautiful roses!