Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Spring is Blowing In

The wind has been blowing here in Washington! Luckily for us on the eastern side of the mountains, it's not been strong enough for real damage, but the coast and Seattle area have had to deal with loss of power, tree limbs everywhere and even semi trucks blown over. Yep, spring is coming. Just look at the tulips getting ready to bloom!

I even was able to get outside for awhile on Saturday to prune some roses. The sun was shining and the wind wasn't too bad so I grabbed the opportunity. Oh, it felt so good to be out in the garden again!

Then in between loads of laundry, I got in a few stitches on March.

Still not done, but it's been a bit stressful at the office and I've spent my evenings at the gym to use the treadmill, and then vegged in front of the TV so far this week.

How's Daylight Saving time treating you? I know we like to complain, but I'm so glad it's back! There's daylight after I'm home from work and it feels so good! My oldest daughter wakes early and doesn't like that she's up in the dark, but in just another week or so, it'll be light then too!

My Bunco party went well last week. Don't you know I won at my own party - getting 5 buncos - a first for me!! In our group, we don't mind if hostesses win. We always say, "Buy prizes you like!" I found some cute desk organizers at Marshalls, so mine will be coming to work with me.

Here's the living room, all ready for the girls to arrive.

It's a tight fit for twelve ladies, but it works!

My son at college in Ellensburg will be coming home for spring break this weekend, so I'm greatly looking forward to spending time with him!

I hope you're having a wonderful week!


Vickie said...

It is very windy here too.I am stitching on the April SAL. Have a nice time with your son back home. :)

Julie said...

Your room looks so inviting, sounds like you and the girls had a fun night.
March is growing well, I finished mine - we're only half way through the month so its still got 2 weeks to be displayed lol
We don't put our clocks forward till Easter weekend, I'm looking forward to lighter evenings

viv said...

Glad you had a fun night. The room looked lovely. I was taking care of grandchildren for the time change weekend and it was no fun getting them up for school....seemed like the transition was complete by the time the parents came home. It's lovely here as well, but the daffodils are almost gone. I can't grow tulips because of the squirrels, but have some other bulbs blooming as well as Lenten Rose and primroses. The ornamental trees are lovely as well. We usually have a late frost somewhere in late March or early April. Hoping the hydrangeas make it through. We lost the bloom last year.

Carol said...

You must have sent your wind east, Von--oh, my it was wild here today!! How nice that your tulips are ready to bloom. We still have a wait here in Pennsylvania, but the daffodils are ready to burst :)

I LOVE the longer days--have so much more energy and find myself much more productive in the evenings :)

I've never played Bunco, but it sounds like you had a great evening with your friends!

Clare - Aimetu said...

Your room looks lovely, perfect for a fun time with friends. It's been a bit windy here in the UK this winter - our clocks for forward at the end of March

Margaret said...

Love your March SAL. Actually wish I had joined this SAL with all the pretty designs.
What a fun Bunco evening you must have had - your room looks so welcoming.
I was just looking at your picture on the top of your blog - you seem to be looking younger and younger Von. What is your secret?

Barb said...

The March SAL is so cute! We made it through the storm, no damage and we even kept our power. We were the lucky ones! House look nice and neat and ready for the ladies!

Brigitte said...

These tulips might be blooming by now - if you had a sunny week. I also long for going into the garden and clean out the flower beds and the lawn. We also had some sunny days last week but the wind was way too cold to work outside. Maybe next week.
Daylight saving time will only start at the end of March here. I've always had a bit of trouble adjusting to it but since I'm retired I don't care any longer. And the longer days in the evenings are a treat.
Nice progress on your March piece.

Maggee said...

My daffodils are only just getting their buds... I am woefully having a later spring start! But I can live vicariously through all of you bloggers! Your March SAL looks cute... good progress! I don't know what Bunco is...but looks like a party with friends, which is alright with me! Hugs!