Monday, March 07, 2016

Current State of Affairs

I don't go outside much this time of year. The weather isn't that nice all that often, and frequently when it is, I'm unable to go outside.  But that's okay as I'm not too excited by what I see in my garden.

The current state of affairs in the garden.
But here is one little glimmer of hope that I found out there.

So this weekend I stitched a bit more on March for the Joyful World SAL, mostly while watching the last Downton Abbey on Sunday evening. Ah, Downton - I'm going to miss you!!

Son Kevin and his wife Sarah came down for the weekend to visit, coming by our house Saturday evening while we were babysitting the grands! Fun night, which I deserved since I did a good cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen during the day.

More Bunco preparations will be happening this week, so I'm doubtful much stitching will be done. I always get a little nervous about getting things ready for Bunco, but somehow it does and we have a great time!


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

Your March is almost done and is looking great! I don't play Bunco regularly but it is a very fun game.

Vickie said...

This time of year I am itching to get outside and begin cleaning the garden, but cannot due to rain. It really drives my hip pain up. So I hide out.
March is such a pretty month in the SAL, isn't it?

viv said...

I'm about to go out and make some pictures of what is blooming....but they will reveal the current state of affairs here as well....much work to do. I'm thankful I can enjoy the blooms even if there is much work ahead.

Lovely stitching.

I wouldn't clean too much before it after. Hugs.

Barb said...

March is a great design. The weather has not been too good here either. I did a bit of rose pruning on Sat. am the only rain free time we had.

Brigitte said...

I'm with you about the garden. I usually go out onto the terrace and into the garden every morning now and look for the first little flowers. And there are definitely some little daisies and some primroses, very small but blooming. But the rest is still waiting for the last snow to disappear.

Kaisievic said...

March is looking great and I think that she has released April and so you have that and Spring in your garden to look forward to, whereas downunder we are now in Autumn. lol!