Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Favorite Cookie?


In my previous blog post, Melissa asked me what my favorite Christmas cookie is. That, my friends, is like asking which of my children is my favorite!

 My mother was an exceptional baker and she filled the house with tons of cookies and breads at Christmastime. There was one kind that she only made at Christmas so this one brings back a lot of fond memories, Russian Tea Cakes. They are probably the simplest cookie to make and are mostly butter, sugar, and flour that melts in your mouth and really are perfect with a cup of tea!

Another cookie entered my life a few years ago. This one combines my favorite things - coffee and chocolate. Oh my, it's SO good! It's called Cappuccino Crinkles.

Cappuccino Crinkles
Do you have a favorite treat you especially enjoy at Christmas? Let us know in the comments!


Barb said...

Those cookies look wonderful. I like thumbprint cookies with raspberry jam.

Mylene said...

ohhh those looks yummy!
Honestly, i've never trie preparing that will be one of my to do list for next year. thanks for sharing the link.
Merry Christmas!

Vickie said...

Thank you for the recipe to the Russian Tea Cakes. I will give this a try. I tried a different variety of this last year, and they were not that great.
I love my Grandma's sugar cookie recipe.

Melissa said...

Thanks, Von, for pointing out the recipes. Both sound good and I hope to give them a try soon.

My favourite at Christmas is probably the Neopolitan cookie as it's two different doughs made up and layered one on top of each other and you can make it in the style of icebox cookies - a little bit 'fancy' and festive and very yummy. The recipe was from Martha Stewart.

Carol said...

As an avid cookie baker, I simply can't pick just one favorite! I do love any kind of chocolate chip, though--such a tried and true great taste :) I'm going to give those Cappucino Crinkles a try this year--they look and sound amazing!

Brigitte said...

My favourite is a two layer cookie with a good amount of red jam between the layers. I don't know the English name for it.
Your cookies sound wonderful, one day I have to try these recipes.

Julie said...

Your cookies look delicious. I'm more of a fruit cake fan. said...

What a yummy post! Thank you so much for sharing wonderful recipe! I am a tea lover, and, of course, i cannot drink tea without some tasty cookies:) This recipe is simple and fast, and that is wonderful:)