Thursday, December 03, 2015

Falling Leaves, Falling Snow

Winter is making its presence felt this week here in Eastern Washington. Freezing rain came, then a little snow; schools closed or at least delayed classes for a couple hours. But I hear that temperatures are going up into the 40s tomorrow so that'll take care of the remaining snow.

So with the snow flying, I've finished my "Falling Leaves" project.

It was a great relaxing design to stitch. The overdyes that I used were:

The Gentle Art: Linen, Rudolph's Nose, Dried Thyme, and an unmarked color that must have come from a grab bag I picked up somewhere.

Weeks Dye Works: Whiskey

The ground fabric is a leftover piece of Lugana that I've had forever.

I haven't picked up a new stitching project this week since every spare minute this week has been spent baking! On Saturday my church hosts a high-end bake sale to benefit the local pregnancy center. The wheat grinder is whirring away, the Bosch is mixing, and the loaves of cinnamon bread are baking in the oven. Plus I'm making up chocolate and red velvet cake balls, and I'm hoping to get some cookies baked too.

In order to accomplish this, I'm having to cut back on my work hours this week. Good thing my boss (my husband) lets me do what I need to do, lol!


Mylene said...

That's a lovely winter signs of snow over here, though ups and down temps but strong winds most and rain..
Congrats on finishing the 'Falling Leaves', it's are you going to finish it off?
I do spent most times too in the kitchen besides working, not much time for stitching...all my plans for this christmas to finish and to send off for gifts was nothing accomplish...

Barb said...

I'm so glad you have such an understanding boss!! I wish I lived close enough to buy some of your goodies! They sound yummy!

viv said...

Good stitching and good cinnamon smells...imagining them here.

Vickie said...

Your Falling Leaves turned out lovely. Have a good day baking.

Julie said...

Hope your church raises lots of funds. Nice progress on the beautiful project.

Melissa said...

Hi Von! Falling leaves is such a pretty piece.

I can just hear that wheat grinder going and can imagine you being a busy baking elf! I too have started baking but it's very slow going at the moment - my energy level seems to be zapped by all this rain and damp at the moment! What's your favourite Christmas cookie?

Kaisievic said...

Falling Leaves is very pretty!

Brigitte said...

Falling leaves is such a lovely piece. And now that it's finished the snow can come - and it has, lol.
Christmas cookies are such a treat for the holidays but unfortunately I don't love baking. My daughter was always baking the cookies for the season but since she doesn't live at home any longer, for many years already, I think I have to change my attitude towards baking in some way, lol.