Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Hello, March

You go on a little trip, and BAM, weeks go by in between posts!

My daughter, Kirsten, and I flew away from the mild winter we've been having in the Northwest to get some sunshine in Phoenix, Arizona. This was her first airplane trip, something she's always been nervous about doing as she has a bad case of claustrophobia. Elevators and parking garages are places she has difficulty in, and she's been afraid of airplanes too. The last couple of years we've been talking about taking a trip to help her cope with that fear. Slowly she came to see the importance and was actually excited once we made the reservations. The entire airport/flight experience was a great one for her and she's excited about her next trip. Elevators, however, are still a problem for her.

The weather in Phoenix was perfect during our visit - sunny and 78-80 degrees. We had a great time driving our rental car all over the valley, doing a little shopping as well as a little hiking.

 I had to get Kirsten out into the desert a little way, so we drove down to Casa Grande to visit some really old ruins. That was after spending a couple of hours by the hotel pool and actually getting some color on our skin! And then there was that morning at Attic Needlework.

If Kirsten hadn't been along, I would have spent a lot more time at AN. As many of you know because you've been there yourself, the shop is jam-packed with framed samplers and all kinds of finished smalls and other projects, with all the designs, linen, and threads one can drool over. Of course, more stash is not what I need, but who could walk away without a little bag of something?

 More on that project at a later date.

So the Arizona trip was a great success. And the only reason we could think of to come home was for the birthday of this little guy.

My grandson Knox turned five the end of  February. He and I spent his birthday together going out to lunch, doing a little shopping, and watching some Ninjago episodes. Then on the weekend, he had both a friend party and a family party.

It's great to be 5!

Next post will include some stitching progress.


Brigitte said...

Such a nice trip that you made with your daughter. Some mother-daughter time is always great and when combined with a trip it's fantastic. And then the temperatures, well, that alone would be a good reason to spend some days there, lol.

Julie said...

Birthday wishes to your lovely little chap, what a lovely smile he has.
So pleased you had a nice trip, a stash shop too ... what could be better.

Vickie said...

I have never been to Arizona. It looks and sounds beautiful.
I am glad your daughter conquered the fear of flight. Yes, you get a little nervous each time, but I am glad there will be a next time!

Carol said...

How nice that Kristen got over her fear of flying and could accompany you to AZ! I am not the best flyer either--tend to just fly to and from FL once a year if I can help it :)

Your AZ photos look so wonderful (considering we are still snowcovered here!) and I'm so envious of your trip to Attic Needlework...

Happy birthday to Knox!!

llknbillburg said...

SO jealous of your trip to the Attic! I have no need of new stash either but would relish a visit none the less!! Laura

Melissa said...

Awww, what a sweet little guy. Five is great!

It sounds like you and your daughter had a grand trip. Glad she was able to have a good experience with her first airplane ride!

Oh the Attic! Never been! I'd probably be in serious trouble stash shopping there!

Barb said...

Your little grand son is so cute. I am glad your daughter had a positive experience . I'm not a fan of flying but it is a necessary part of most of our lives. My trip to AN included my DH and his 2 sisters. Not the best group either for spending long hours there. I loved seeing Arizona. It is so different from our landscapes.

Margaret said...

Sounds like a fun trip with your daughter. Mother/daughter outings are so special.

Glad you were able to visit The Attic. Have you been to Stitchers Paradise in Las Vegas. Do go there when in LV. You will love it.

Knox is so cute. Happy Birthday Knox.

Anne said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip you two had and I'm glad she was okay with the flight...they make me nervous too. Oooh you lucky gal! You got to go to Attic Needleworks! EEK! Can't wait to see what you bought!