Saturday, March 28, 2015

Full On Spring

Sometimes I feel a little guilty living here in the Northwest, especially this year when we've had a mild winter and early spring, and my friends in the East have been pounded with snow. But spring is fully upon us and so I've been out in the garden every day that I can.

Sorry, no stitching update this time.

There is, however, lots of garden clean up going on. No pictures because it's just not that pretty. All the mulch I put around the roses has to be cleaned up, blown in leaves removed, and roses pruned. A couple of weeks ago I abandoned my idea of pruning and cleaning up the garden beds one at a time, methodically. My schedule and the weather would push out the time frame for that far beyond when the roses should be pruned. So I went through all the beds and whacked away at the shrub roses, leaving the climbers for summer pruning. Now I'm going through and doing that clean up.

While I'm working, I have a little personal campfire going. We can't have burn piles anymore, but are allowed small fire pits and this year I'm using it to burn some of my yard debris. Now I smell like I've been camping. :)

It's track season once again. A week ago Gary and I went to Hermiston to watch son Kyle run the 1500 m and 800 m race for Central Washington University. Our daughter also had a meet for her high school, but we'll be at a lot of her meets and had to take advantage of the opportunity to watch Kyle so close to home. On Thursday Kirsten had a meet over in Walla Walla. Usually this meet is miserable to watch as it's cold, windy, and rainy. But this year it was sunny and 75 degrees! Even though we weren't chilled, we stopped at Pho Sho for post-meet dinner. It's so good!

This week my twins were home on spring break from their respective colleges. Kyle left early as the track distance team is competing today at the Willamette Invite in Salem, Oregon. Kevin is still home, but leaving today as his fiance has a safety meeting for her job as a math tutor tomorrow. I'll be curious to hear just what safety measures tutors need a special meeting for!

Kirsten has spring break this coming week plus Saturday is her birthday as well as the day before Easter when I usually have the grandkids over to color eggs. We should also plan a special day somewhere since we have a little time off. I wonder what we'll do or where we'll go?

That's all for now! Have a great weekend!


Vickie said...

How nice. Hope Kirsten has a beautiful birthday. She is a beautiful young lady.

Barb said...

It sounds like you have had some really great family time!! We've been busy in the garden cleaning up too!

Melissa said...

It is definitely gardening season! The weather has been uneven here lately. We can go through different weather systems in a day! Yesterday we started with sun and ended up with downpour! Things are growing like mad though. I think it's time for me to visit the nursery and bring home some primulas or something blooming.

Have fun, Von!

Brigitte said...

We could do a lot of garden work two weeks ago when the weather was cooperating for about ten days. And we got so much done. My bones were aching after that but a great deal of the garden is looking great. Then the weather turned and we have been rain and wind and cold temperatures An for Easter there is a forecast for snow.
Enjoy your wonderful weather and the time with your family.

Carol said...

You are indeed very lucky to have had such a mild winter! We have been waiting and waiting for spring here in Pennsylvania.

Great job on all the gardening and I hope you have a blessed Easter with your wonderful family, Von :)