Sunday, February 01, 2015

Super Bowl Post

The big game just got started and I have a lot of nervous energy, so I'll put out a quick post.

Go Hawks!!

I have finished the garden area of Convent Garden and thought I'd share a few pics with you. I had a little problem reading the pattern - the deficiency is mine, as I kept the V of the rapid stitch garden border pointing down on the vertical portions instead of pointing to the inside of the garden. Oh well, I got to practice the rapid stitch some more as well as some reverse stitching.

Isn't that a pretty little section?

It's still gray and in fact drizzling rain here today. I'm hoping this Seattle-like weather is a good omen!

I hope you are having a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

That IS beautiful, and I love those speciality stitches. Enjoy the game! I've been making birthday cakes and classroom treats, which is a little more to my liking. ;)h

Julie said...

Hope your team won.
Such pretty muted shades in this portion of the garden.

Mylene said...

Lovely with all the different stitches.

Barb said...

The variety in that sampler is beautiful!It reminds me of a garden in Williamsburg.

Margaret said...

Wow, this is really pretty! Very cool with all the stitches!

Brigitte said...

So beautiful, this section of the garden. It is always amazing how impressive these specialty stitches can be, and how interesting a design becomes through them.