Monday, December 15, 2014

Are We Busy Yet?

Christmas cards are a joy to receive and a bit of a pain to get out. In this digital age, we now have several ways to get out a Christmas greeting, taking some of the pain out of the process. As much as I love my online social networks, I enjoy sending and receiving cards the old-fashioned way.

A few years back, I made my own cards and had so much fun doing it, until the stress of all the holiday busyness got to me. Something had to give, so I started using Costco to make up my photo cards, and cut my list down.

This year's card was extra easy because I had one picture with the whole, entire family thanks to my son Geoff's wedding this year. Usually I have to pull a picture of here and there to get everyone included on the card.

So there it is (see center above), and I'm in the middle of writing a note to go with the cards, addressing envelopes, etc. It's a fun thing to do while watching Christmas movies, like Die Hard. :D

Are you sending cards this year, or is this one of those years where you just can't get it done? I've been there too, my friend.


barbara said...

Like you, I love the "real card" tradition and always take a moment to write something personal in each card. I love yours! Wishing you and your family well through the joyful season!

Barb said...

We both love the real cards!What a great way to share your whole family with friends!

Julie said...

What a super card to be sending.

Margaret said...

Your card is lovely.
I think "real cards" are the only way to go. Christmas is such a wonderful time to catch up with old friends. It is also the time of year I exchange letters with those far, far away.
Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a Blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy 2015

llknbillburg said...

Love your card! I haven't gotten mine out yet but plan to work on it this week. A real card for me too! And I never skip although my husband sometimes does and I wind up doing his as well. Hope that doesn't happen this year! Laura

viv said...

I do love sending and receiving cards in the mail, but do send some e-greetings to friends as well. I'm about half done....and hoping the other half are mailed in time.