Saturday, December 13, 2014

Plodding Along

Little by little I'm checking items off my Christmas to-do list. But it feels like very little, very late, and Christmas will be here before I'm ready. But after a week of gray skies, today is sunny and I'm feeling more energetic!

Decorating the upstairs tree is done, but the downstairs tree isn't finished yet. That job belongs to Kirsten.

My college boys are home and that makes me so very happy! I love having them around, and they can be quite helpful in getting some of those to-dos done.

I keep reminding myself that every year Christmas gets done and to not worry, getting a bit better as each year goes by. Just having all the family here together with good food is really what we love about Christmas - and watching the grandkids open their gifts!

So, as always, the chores and to-do items are calling my name. Better get back to it!


Annette-California said...

Your tree looks so beautiful Von. Wow! I too am sooo behind preparing for Christmas this year. Enjoy your boys being home. love Annette

Melissa said...

"Little by litte" is the motto! That's how I feel.

The tree is looking good. You sound so happy too that you have all your kids back home! Have fun!

Julie said...

Beautiful tree.