Thursday, May 08, 2014


You know, I'm not new to the gardening game, so why am I sore in different spots every day? After several weeks of digging, lifting, raking, squatting, bending, you'd think I should have worked all the muscle groups.

Must be getting old.

So Tuesday, my only son left at home didn't have to rush off to work and I prevailed upon him to go to Costco with me so I could get lots of potting soil. Guess what - the shipment hadn't come in. OK, Kyle said Wednesday would be better for him anyway so off we went again yesterday. Success! And since strong son was along, I bought 10 bags of the stuff. 

In the afternoon I plugged the plants I'd gathered over the weekend into the three big pots in the back yard. Since son Geoff is getting married the end of June, we'll be hosting the rehearsal dinner here, and I'm praying the weather is wonderful so we can dine out back - it's the prettiest part of my home.
The color scheme for the wedding is lavender and yellow, so the plants I chose for my pots this year are all purple/lavender and yellow.

Of course, I added a few perennials to the garden - another clematis, some larkspur, and dianthus.

More pots to go, but don't think I'll get to it today. Must visit the dentist and there's a track meet today. Kirsten has already qualified for districts! She's really having a good year with shot and discus.

Last night I took up the sweet little robin piece and got in the branches and some leaves. I think this is my favorite part - love those lazy-daisy stitches.

The iris are still going strong.

Thanks for stopping by my place! I'm off to the dentist.


Jennifer said...

The garden looks beautiful. I recall quite often going after potting soil and being a day late or a day early and having to make a second trip out to the store.
That robin stitching is just lovely. I have seen the Buttoned Up designs but have never tried one. After getting a close-up look at your work I think it's time for me to add these charts to my wish list.

Barb said...

Oh, your yard is beautiful. It looks like the perfect spot for a rehearsal dinner. We will all look forward to pictures later on. All your hard work (& achy muscles!) will pay off and be worth it!

Margaret said...

Your flowers look so pretty. How fun to base this year's colors on the wedding colors.

viv said...

Beautiful. What a lovely spot you have for the reception.

Jennifer said...

Ohhhh, it will be a lovely place for a rehearsal dinner! Fingers crossed for good weather. And so thoughtful of you to do your planting with the wedding's color scheme - that will definitely earn you some bonus points with your soon to be daughter in law!

Barb said...

The yard looks like a perfect place for a rehearsal dinner. The robin piece is great!

Julie said...

The garden pots looks so pretty.
Good luck to Kirsten!

Melissa said...

Gosh, your garden is looking great! I love those pots with the spanish lavender, so pretty! I need to get more pots!

ps Isn't it great to finally get some use out of those big sons of ours? lol.

Anne said...

Your garden is a dream! I adore the lavender pots!! Any amount of gardening will make anyone's bones/muscles ache! I enjoy making lazy daisies too. It's nice to do a different stitch other than cross stitch once in awhile :D