Saturday, May 10, 2014

Vacation Reading

With all the time we spent at the pool in Cabo, I got in a lot of reading. On this trip I brought both of my e-readers. I have an older Nook which displays in e-ink - easy to read outside, and I have a Kindle Fire which is backlit and not always readable outside.

It worked out well to have both devices as when one's battery ran low, I could switch to the other and I found that reading under a palapa was shady enough to read the Kindle easily. I sound quite spoiled to have two readers (guess I am a bit!) and each one is loaded with plenty of reading and more is all too readily available!!

The books I chose were definitely light fare for poolside reading. First up was

If you ever listened to Satellite Sisters on the radio and enjoyed the sisters' sense of humor, you'll love youngest sister Lian's first novel. You can also keep up with the sisters on their weekly podcasts which you can find on iTunes, or on the Stitcher app.

J. B. West worked at the White House as Usher from FDR days to the beginning of the Nixon administration. If you're looking for dirt on the First Ladies, you won't find it here. Mr. West seems to have loved his job and admired each First Lady for their individual strengths and personalities.

Then I went on with some historical fiction, heavy emphasis on the fiction I'm sure, taking place during the War of the Roses. This is an era which has eluded me because of the difficulty keeping track of all the players over generations. So I thought I'd jump in with some fiction to begin to get an idea of the main players and situation. The Stolen Crown takes a view more in favor of the Woodvilles.

Roan Rose takes the opposite view and is favorable towards Richard III. Rose is the main character who from childhood served Anne, who would become Richard's wife after many machinations common to that era.

A non-fiction, history book I'm working my way through is

This one contains memories of many of the men of the 506 Parachute Infantry battalion during WWII.

OK, there you have it for all you who might be curious about what in the world I was reading that week in Cabo. :)


Barb said...

I always love book suggestions. I like historical fiction so you have some good suggestions. It looks like you did quite a bit of reading in on your trip.

Mylene said...

Thanks for sharing...will sure look it up one day when i have more time for me self..
Happy Mother's Day!!

Carol said...

You sure got a lot of reading done--you must be a fast reader. I am so, so slow--you would think a librarian would be quick, but not me :)

Wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!

Julie said...

It's nice to enjoy a good book when relaxing.