Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hard at Work

Wow! The end of May! Tomorrow is June 1 - my oldest child's birthday. June 2, DH and I will celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. My birthday is the 21st. And at the end of June, my oldest son will be married!

So much going on this month!

One project I'm addressing this weekend is preparing to bring in more gravel to our front side yard in front of my rose garden. Over the years after digging out tree roots and prep work for my first rose garden, the soil level next to the fence was raised several inches. I just can't have this area raised even more, so out with some dirt!

Of course, my son is working all day today, daughter is out for some Good News Club training, DH is over in Tacoma shooting the Washington State track meet for Looks like I'm going to get a workout today!

But there will be plenty of water breaks and time to enjoy some of my new blooms.

Lady Jane Grey
Jude the Obscure
Irish Hope
Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by!


Annette-California said...

Happy Anniversary to you!
You have lots of celebrating to do in June!!
love Annette

Barb said...

What a wonderful month of celebrations! As usual, the roses are spectacular. Don't wear yourself out with the gravel project.

Julie said...

What a busy June you'll be having, but full of lovely celebrations.

viv said...

Reading backwards....what a busy month you have ahead. I feel your aches and pains as I was outside working from 7 am until 8 PM except for 2 meals and those necessary stops. It's a good thing we enjoy it because it's a never-ending task.