Saturday, May 03, 2014

Time for Iris

Friends, we had a beautiful weather week! Temps in the low to mid 80s with lots of sunshine - perfect for my return from Mexico. :)  And with such weather, it was hard to stay indoors to do chores when the garden chores were begging me to come tend to them. 

It's exciting to me, watching the roses grow and begin to bud.

Some of the peonies are just about ready to burst and one clematis will be a mass of color in a few days.

But right now the iris are in full bloom. Last fall I divided out several large clumps, so I don't have the huge display of last year, but they'll be back. Here are a couple of my favorites.

My mother used to have iris on the back fence of our garden and I always loved when they bloomed - that beautiful line of color amidst all the green and brown of the garden.  She didn't grow many flowers as her focus was on vegetables, but the iris pretty much took care of themselves so they stayed.

My focus is on flowers, especially roses, but I so enjoy iris time.

Thanks for visiting me in the garden today! I hope to have some stitching to share with you next time. :)


Barb said...

Oh my gosh Von! Your flowers are just beautiful. I would have a hard time choosing between those roses or the iris. I am with you. I go to the Farmer's market to get my veggies. I love to grow flowers. It looks like you are quite a bit ahead of us. My iris are barely budding and the roses are no where near blooming.

Brigitte said...

They are so beautiful, your roses and irises, what an explosion of colours in your garden.

Catherine said...

I love irises too ~ so many beautiful colors and varieties!

viv said...

Your flowers are lovely. Our seasons sound like they are currently in sync. The iris are blooming along with the first roses and clematis.
I need to get outside today and deadhead the violas again and the primroses.

Carol said...

So, so pretty!! Our irises are just sprouting now--probably won't bloom until late May. I do love them, but wished they lasted longer :)

a woman who is said...

Isn't it the garden glorious...I must come do a posy walk and catch up with you!!!

Julie said...

Your iris look beautiful.

Natasha said...

Beautiful garden. My Grandfather was an Iris lover had them all over the yard. When he passed away my mom took over growing them at her house. When she passed away we had friends take her Iris and plant them in their yards :) I love them as they remind me of loved ones