Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Happy Time of Year

Longer days, warm temperatures, sunshine! Late winter is a low time for me so now that we've had some really wonderful spring days, I'm feeling the benefits of having gotten my vitamin D - much improved mood!

The design above was stitched, I don't know, probably five years ago, and I just now finished it off - although very poorly, but it was an experiment. :) Still, it looks sweeet hanging in my craft area and I'm just happy to have a finish!

Of course, I've mostly been outside working around my gardens and yard. Right now the pollen count is off the charts and my allergies have finally kicked in. Luckily, there are remedies for that and I continue my chores outside. Here is the current state of my gardens. I have mostly roses, so there aren't many blooms yet.

 This poor baby is looking pretty bad right now and I need to get my DH to put up more lattice to support it better. I took a lot of lateral branches off the lower part to encourage more growth at the top - my neighbor appreciates that.

 This garden is obviously next to the garage. Still have some weeding and fertilizing to do here.

 The view of the back yard as you're walking down the slope to the back yard is one of my favorites. You can also see my reclining chair that I use to take breaks in. I can't tell you how much satisfaction I get from my back yard. It's peaceful (except for when the train goes by, but that's not too often, and they're short), and beautiful - I love it!

I hope you have a place outdoors that brings you happiness too! Go out and enjoy!


Barb said...

I think your little ornament is just lovely! The finishing looks good to me. What a pretty yard you have. I agree, there is nothing like a special spot outside!

Pam in IL said...

I think your finish looks great! What part of the finishing was an experiment? You're lucky that you've had nice weather to be working on your yard and garden. Our weather is still too cold for working on the yard and garden. Your yard looks lovely!

Linda said...

Nice photos. Since I don't have a garden I love to take walks in nature and see all the flowers and birds. I take my camera with me most of the time.

Jennifer said...

A train in your back yard? My son would go wild for that. :-)

It does look like a very peaceful, pleasant retreat

Scattered Threads said...

Your finish looks wonderful as is your landscape. It looks you have an ideal place for sitting too. I was outside just last evening on our patio grabbing some of the evenings light. It is a peaceful place there for stitching.

Solstitches said...

I see I'm not the only one digging deep into the pile of stitched pieces that were done years ago :)
I think your PS Spring finish looks lovely.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comment :)
Happy stitching,

Carol said...

Cute finish!! I just stitched that one, too (for about the fourth time--this one I'll be keeping for myself!)

I grew up with a train down the street and to this day whenever I hear the whistle of the train in the distance, I'm immediately carried home again :) Love them, too!

butterfly said...

Lovely stitching, and your back yard is lovely hugs.

Julie said...

A very lovely finish.
Your garden looks super, your flowers will soon be blooming.

viv said...

Beautiful. You inspired me to get out and make some pics of what's blooming...of course they are predicting snow showers and a freeze warning for tomorrow night. I put the pictures on FB, but maybe I'll get inspired to catch up my blog. I'm enjoying your updates.

viv said...

P.S. I meant to add your stitching is beautiful (as is the yard) and the same,{ with different finishing) for the floss holder you made for me in 2008. I'm holding it with fond thoughts of you at this very moment.

Karoline said...

Cute finish and your garden is looking lovely

Isabelle said...

Very lovely piece Von! I have this piece in my collection - stitched by a friend from an exchange.
Spring is such an exciting time for gardening isn't it - my favourite season for sure. :) Enjoy your beautiful greenery!

Brigitte said...

You are so right about this happy time of the year when the garden starts to be in bloom and the green in nature spoils our eyes. your little finish has it all, the colours and the warmth of spring. I love the way you finsihed it with the ruched edge. Adorable.

Catherine said...

Such a sweet finish! I think I will enjoy my gardens a bit more this season after the harsh winter we experienced!