Saturday, April 05, 2014

Birthday Week/Spring Break

It's been a great spring break week with Kyle and Kirsten. Kyle had to work quite a bit, but I did get him to help me rake dead grass and blown down twigs from much of the front lawn. Yesterday, he and a friend drove up to Cheney, stayed with brother Kevin, then today competed at a track meet at Whitworth in Spokane.

But the main event for the week was Kirsten's 17th birthday on Friday. We started celebrating Thursday by driving to Spokane to shop for a prom dress. We didn't have much luck, so we ended up at Nordstrom ordering a dress. It'll be here soon with lots of time to return for a different size if needed. After that decision was made, we went back to Nordstrom Rack to shop. I think I was celebrating Kirsten's birthday for myself as I bought more things for me there than for her, lol.

Before heading home, we had dinner at Red Robin.

At Red Robin
On her birthday, she helped me prepare for having a group of friends over in the evening for a party. Nothing like having people over to get things cleaned up! What a great group of kids and we enjoyed having them here. They had a little dinner, a photo scavenger hunt at WalMart, back here for a fire in the firepit out back, and a movie on Netflix.

Today it's a bit windy, but I did get to Lowe's for some steer manure, and took a few things to the donation drop off. DH got some lattice on the back fence to help support some of my taller roses.

Now tonight, I think I can get some stitching in!

I hope you enjoy your weekend. Thanks for dropping in.


Barb said...

Sounds like a wonderful family week!
What fun shopping for a prom dress with your daughter(She is very cute in the picture)!

Julie said...

How exciting shopping for a prom dress. Happy birthday wishes to your young lady.

Carol said...

Ahh...prom dress shopping. Sounds like fun--something I never got to experience with three boys!! Hope her birthday was the beginning of a very special year for her :)

Sharon said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday! Happy belated Birthday Kirsten!

Catherine said...

Sounds like fun times!!