Sunday, March 16, 2014

OK, the plan is to write one post a week that lists some of the miscellaneous happenings from that week, or in this case, last week. So here goes:

Last Sunday, Kirsten, Amber (son Geoff's fiance) and I went down to David's Bridal to shop for a bridesmaid's dress for Kirsten and a MOG dress for me. Amber was shocked that we both found dresses so quickly, making our way to the dressing room to see how they looked. I loved the very first one I tried, and ended up buying it, taking it home with me that day! Kirsten found the style, but had to special order the color.  Here is a link to the dress I chose:


Monday morning found me waiting in line to pick up my boxes of bacon and sausages at the Zaycon truck. This is my second box of bacon from them as I really like the quality and flavor, and the first time we've tried the sausage. Kyle gave the sausages a big thumbs up the first time I fried some up.

 After ordering online, you just drive to the designated spot at the designated time, pull up to the truck and they place your order right into your car and you drive away! Love it!

Then yesterday was the beginning of track season with our team competing at the Richland Jamboree. The season started out with a beautifully warm day in the mid-60s, and no wind. Even though Kirsten didn't compete as she didn't have enough practices in yet (because of DECA state), I went to enjoy the afternoon in the sun with the other Kamiakin parents. The sunshine felt soooo marvelous!

In the evening we went to a friend's home to be the fortunate guinea pigs to preview a dinner they're hosting next week, a dinner that people paid a chunk of change at a church fund raiser for. Gary and I didn't win that auction, but we ended up winning anyway! The couple wanted us and another couple to taste three wines with the antipasto course and main course and choose which one was best. I know, it was tough duty. :) I decided it was my carb loading night, and really enjoyed that homemade, two-layered fettuccine with sausage, although I did stay away from the bread.

That about does it for this week. I'll be visiting with you again soon!


Barb said...

A great week. The dress is beautiful!

viv said...

Beautiful dress. Exciting times.

Julie said...

The dress is very lovely, no wonder you bought it.

Annette-California said...

I looked at your dress link - Stunning!!! Oh how pretty. What a great week you had.
love Annette

Carol said...

What a pretty dress and how lucky you were to find it so quickly... The meal sounds amazing--there is no way I could have stayed away from the bread!!

Shelleen said...

That's a pretty dress.

Margaret said...

What a lovely dress. You will make a beautiful MOG.