Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is It March?

Day after day of wind here in the Mid-Columbia and temperatures in the 50s has me thinking that February somehow melted away with the snow and March blew in and stayed. With track season approaching and hours of sitting in the bleachers coming up, I'm hoping the wind is blowing itself out early. Nice thought, but probably not going to happen. :)

So I've made a little progress on Quaker Inspirations.

 Using these muted colors sure gives the design a different flavor from Connie's original choices of white linen and blue overdye. The muted tones must be reflecting the blah feelings I have this time of year. Don't get me wrong, I'm liking the colors, and I think they look good on the antique-looking linen. Guess I'm wondering why I chose this right now when I usually go for something much brighter in the winter.

 Well, no time for that kind of reflection. :)  Yesterday the Grands came to spend the morning with Nana while Mystie went out to do some uninterrupted work on her latest e-book. Over the weekend, 6-year-old Ilse got three new dresses and on Tuesday she was bemoaning the fact that her mom wouldn't let her wear any of them for playing, they are for church. Poor girl wants something pretty to play in so I went to my stash and found a Curious George fabric which she got excited about. My plan is to whip up a couple of quick skirts for Ilse and Geneva.

While doing a little research for making Kirsten's bird skirt, I found this great tutorial for a quick skirt.
Joann's had some colored 1-inch elastic in a clearance bin which I snapped up while shopping for Kirsten and the blue elastic is a perfect match for the fabric. It's so satisfying when I can pull items from my stash to put together a quick project!!

Hope your projects are bringing you joy today!


Mylene said...

beautiful design you are working on and i love the colours you have chosen for it.
Goodluck with the skirt for the girls.

Brigitte said...

Such a great idea to sew a quick skirt and make your little grand-daughter happy. Thanks for sharing the link.

Chris said...

I love the muted colours, very pretty.

Karoline said...

Your Quaker is gorgeous and that fabric will make a cute skirt

Connie Dunton said...

Well, I've tried four times now to leave a comment and Blogger is not cooperating! I love the colors you are working Quaker Inspiration in! It's looking fantastic! There are some companion designs on my blog and Pinterest account if your interested. Love you!