Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chinook Blowing In

Days of grayness, snow, and cold are coming to an end today in my part of the world. A warm chinook wind has brought our temperatures back up to the 50s, relieving the hearts of all us mothers with kids who drive. :)

Now that I've finally picked up my stitching basket again and finished a project, I grabbed another WIP that I started on one of my vacations in the last five years. Which one? I have no idea, so it's been awhile.This design is by my friend Connie of The Lacey Thread, and one that she dedicated to me, which is quite an honor. It's straight x-stitch, making it great for stitching while also watching the Olympics.
Quaker Inspirations by The Lacey Thread

I'm stitching it on an unknown linen from my stash with Belle Soie in Mer Bleu. I may add a different fiber in the "frame" but I won't know until I get there. I'm thinking I'll experiment with some silk end pieces I got in a goody bag at a VS retreat - the colors complement the one I'm using really well.

In other exciting news, my youngest child is now employed! She and a friend interviewed for hostess positions at Tagaris Taverna, the same place that my twins work during summers and other busy times. Tagaris is a very popular place for Valentine Day, so they will get a trial by fire on their job Friday with only two days of training.

Well, even though the wind is blowing, I must go out to Costco today, then shopping for work clothes for Kirsten after school. And tonight is a planning dinner for parents of distance runners for the track season. We don't have a distance runner for track anymore (Kirsten is a thrower), but we're kinda grandfathered in. :)

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Karoline said...

Lovely to see you posting Von. Your finish in the last post was beautiful and this project looks lovely