Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Weekend

I hope your Easter weekend was as much fun as ours was here at home! Saturday morning it has become our tradition to color eggs with the grandchildren, have an egg hunt, then share lunch together. The weather was darn cold and windy, but the festivities went on as planned.

Little Miss Ilse wasn't too sure about the dyeing thing at first, preferring to just peel an egg. After watching her brothers for awhile, she decided to get in on it in a big way - demanding all the dye cups she could get her hands on! Meanwhile, Knox decided to sleep. . .

He's such a sweet, easy baby!

Easter Sunday also happened to be Kirsten's 13th birthday! After so many years of raising children, it's hard to comprehend that they're pretty much grown up now - all teens or full adults. Kirsten is planning a birthday bash with a close friend for this coming weekend, so the actual day was rather low-key, but still fun. And she got the camera she's been wanting for a long time, so she was busy. :)

Then there are my boys who are just too full of themselves. :D

Brendan, Kyle, Geoffrey, Kevin

They always keep things interesting around here!

Well, another week has begun, the kids are back to their regular school schedule after a week of spring break, and I'm back at my studies too. I fell behind with all the folderol of having teens underfoot. The laundry kinda piled up too, so that's being dealt with. What hasn't piled up? The food supply! A grocery run needs to happen soon - although there are plenty of hard-boiled eggs. Egg salad sandwich anyone?!


Carolyn NC said...

Sounds like a wonderful time - great pics of your kiddies, too!

Kath said...

Great pics Von. Nice Easter all round at your house this year. Good times!

Brigitte said...

Love your family pictures. It must have been some greatdays surrounded by family. And yes - egg salad sandwiches are the best! Lol.

Sharon said...

Great pictures, looks like Easter was wonderful at your house. The children are all so beautiful, the baby oh so sweet. Have to love those egg salad sandwiches. I have had my share this week.LOL

marylin & poussy said...

Beautiful images especially that of the sirs lol
I like very much of blog
Best regards of France!

mainely stitching said...

We were looking forward to egg salad sandwiches, too - but the kids ate all the eggs!! I'll have to go up to 2 doz. next year.

Great pictures! It looks like Easter was as full of joy as could be. :D

Lynn said...

What a good looking family you have Von. Weather aside, it certainly looked like everyone had a great day.

Dianne said...

I love your photos! Look how grown up Kirsten is getting and Happy Birthday to her!
Sure, I love egg salad. : )

Anonymous said...
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Siobhan said...

Great pictures, Von! You have a beautiful family. Happy belated birthday to your daughter!

Lili said...

Hi Von!
Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics of a happy Easter with your family.
Happy Belated birthday to Kirsten.
I'm off to make those sandwiches. lol!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Von, what a fantstic family you have!