Wednesday, March 11, 2009


That cold bug I've been fighting seems to have gained the upper hand yet again. I spent most of Tuesday in bed actually asleep and while I do feel better today, I'm wondering what it's going to take to finally knock this bug out. It could be so much worse, as my son-in-law is just getting over an awful bout with the flu that knocked him flat for a few days, and many others are battling viruses of various sorts. Probably winter's last hurrah.

Celebrations are in order this week as the month of February was the best month our business has ever had. We have some good employees to thank for that, so Tuesday evening we took our Tri-Cities gang out to The Cedars for dinner. Here they are showing their best sides and the Mid-Columbia Insurance logo on the back of their new jackets. (That's DH on the right side.) Thursday night we'll do it again in Yakima with our employees there.

Tonight DH and I had a fund-raiser to attend, Taking a Bite Out of Hunger, benefiting 2nd Harvest Tri-Cities which supplies the local food banks. We invited some friends to join us at our table and enjoy the best of our local restaurants, wineries, and microbrews. There were lots of items being auctioned off and some good entertainment, but my voice is almost gone from trying to talk over it all. Guess I should have spent more time bidding. :D


Carolyn NC said...

Nice to hear good news about businesses for a change! Hope you're feeling better soon.

mainely stitching said...

You take care of that cold!

Elizabeth Braun said...

Hi Von! Sorry to hear you're fighting the virals as well. I kept up the battle for a week before this little beauty put me in bed for the last 8 days.....

Thanks for your comment. Hope your sister gets something soon. I don't know how it really is with 'putting kids through college' in the States, but it seems an even bigger burden on parents than here, and that's rather a surprise given that things here are usually quite a lot more expensive and our wages are lower. I understand tuition over there costs an arm and a leg, and it's pretty bad here at £3000+ every year - used to be free!

Most UK students get loans, repayment for which is taken automatically from their wages after grad, so it's possible for kids to DIY paying for their uni costs with a mixture of working and loans. Only the very wealthiest families expect to pay everything. Most students graduate as much as £20K in debt!=(