Monday, March 09, 2009

Growth Rings

While doing a little browsing through some of my favorite websites, I came across this wonderful design by Tracy at Ink Circles that is published in the current Just CrossStitch mag.

Not being a subscriber to JCS, I sometimes pick up an issue at my grocery store and don't you know, I needed some groceries on Saturday. :D So along with the veggies and bagels, a copy of JCS jumped into my cart. Not that I need another project, but this one is very appealing to me and I'll probably be starting it as soon as I can decide on and purchase the supplies.

In other weekend activities, DH went on a long walk Saturday with another geocacher out on the bluffs overlooking the Wallula Gap.

The wind was gusting up to 60mph, making the hike a real challenge, but the cachers were successful in finding the caches.

While Gary was geocaching, I was home with the kids. Kirsten had a couple of friends overnite and they were going to participate in a service project for AHG. The plan was to help an elderly lady with yard clean up, but with the awful wind conditions, we canceled. There will be another Saturday this spring with warm sunshine when it will be a pleasure to be outside. Kirsten's friend, Megan, had a basketball game at midday, so we all went along to watch her game. Later that night we had Graceful Dinner with three other couples from church. You couldn't enjoy a tastier meal at the finest restaurant in town.

Sunday was another wonderful Lord's Day. I had nursery duty for evening service and had a blast playing with the kids. I even got one very new toddler to take a few tipsy steps to me!

Now Monday is here and it's going to be a busy week with two company dinners and a fundraiser event to attend on Wednesday. Guess I won't be getting much stitching in. Hope your week brings you more time with your needles.


mainely stitching said...

What a nice post. Your Sunday sounded fun. :D

Vonna said...

A lovely post remind me of myself scurrying about :)
Your picture of the bluff is gorgeous and I was thinking in my head of all the natural wonders the Lord makes for our enjoyment if we take but just the time to really look and see....then I read on to read about your Lord's Day and what a wonderful day it was :) Tiny steps...another wonderful gift!

Christine said...

Those crazy magazines, always jumping into carts. Tsk tsk. Good thing this one had something nice in it! I look forward to seeing your progress when you decide to start it.

Sharon said...

That bluff is gorgeous! I love that pattern too and I am waiting on fabric I ordered for it. Though when I ordered the threads I wasn't paying attention and got the regular silk-the pattern is done in VC premium silk. The magazine doesn't say that. However Vikki's site did.

So, I will most likely do mine 2 over 2 instead of 1 over 2.

Sharon said...

Forgot to say thanks for the blog links you have been posting. Life in Grace is wonderful and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog. I would have never known!

Carolyn NC said...

A friend of mine is stitching this one and it's looking beautiful! Love the pic - so pretty!

Kathy A. said...

Oh Von I love that piece by Tracy. What month is this magazine so I can hunt for it when I go to Joann's this week?
I so love her work. I just bought some new fabric to do Cirque des Cercles. I have it started on another fabric but do not like it's look so will start agin.
I love your special meals. I think they are such a great idea.

Coni said...

Woo Hoo! I purchased the kit for the Growth Rings project and was blown away by the silks! I've never used this type before, so I am anxious to get this one started! You have FABulous taste!