Monday, March 16, 2009

AHG Arts and Crafts Day

Three of my Explorers are going to move up a level in our AHG program next year, one of them my own dd Kirsten. In order to achieve their level award the girls must help plan and run a club event, which they thought they'd work on together and roll it into one event. Arts and Crafts Day was Saturday afternoon.

Four different crafts were planned, each girl manning one table plus a leader teaching the fourth craft. Susanna prepared a great marionette project.

Katelyn loves paper dolls so she had dolls and clothes for the girls to create, color, and cut.

Mrs. Richards had a beaded bookmark to share with the girls.

And Kirsten had two cards for the girls to make. What a surprise, huh?! :D
The girls did a super job planning, delegating, and pulling off a fun afternoon for our club.

Following all this fun, I went home to bake cookies as Sunday was my turn for cookie duty following our morning worship service. Kirsten was a great help to me in rolling the cappuccino crinkles in sugar and putting them on the sheets. Then on Sunday afternoon I baked six loaves of bread as there was no sandwich bread in the house for sandwiches on Monday. So by Sunday evening I felt like I'd put in my time and then some! Lucky for me, this week is WASL week (a test that the h.s. sophomores take) and my boys didn't have school until 10:30 a.m. and we all slept in.

I really must thank all of you for your kind words on my finishing - you're so very kind. :)


Patti said...

Well you sure had a really busy weekend and Kirsten sure did a great class and I bet you are extremely proud of her. Now on to your thanks for us commenting on how great your work is - I only did it because what you do is truly GREAT and I, for one, am in total awe of you. Love Patti xxx

mainely stitching said...

What a great A&C day!!! Looks like a lot of fun. :D

Siobhan said...

It looks like craftiness runs in the family! It sounds like a fun Arts & Crafts day. Love the cards that you showed, too, in your earlier entry!

Patti said...

I know I already left you a comment but if you go to my blog you will see that I have given you an award and I would love it if you could pick it up please. Lots of Love Patti xxx