Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feeling Gray

For almost two weeks now the Tri-Cities has been buried in a sea of cold, gray clouds as an inversion has stalled over the area. Temperatures stay about the same day and night, the gray skies never vary. When an inversion lasts this long, almost everyone's mood is affected, mine in particular. There's just no substitute for sunshine. Perhaps a storm in the Pacific will move our way soon and blow out the stagnant air. I'm hoping so.

Of course, there are bright spots inside, like finishing this little ornament by Scandinavian Stitches (2008 JCS Ornament issue) called Norwegian Reindeer.

And while we watched the last dvd of 24-Season 3 last night, I made up another kumihimo braid, this time using #8 perle coton and gold Treasure Braid.

I plan to continue experimenting with this technique with various fibers from my stash. It's a little easier to pay attention to fast-moving plot lines while braiding than stitching. :D

Has anyone with a Gmail account tried their video chat? My dd and I have been using it for the last month or so and we love it. It's such fun to see and talk with the grandchildren, see what they are working on or have Hans read to me. It was so easy to set up, Mystie and I just started experimenting one day and in no time we were in business. My computer doesn't have a built-in camera, since it's now quite ancient, so DH bought me an add-on for Christmas. I feel sorry for the grandkids looking at nana sometimes. :D

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I do appreciate your spending some time with me, and especially your comments!


karenv said...

Grey days are the worst. Hope you get some sunshine soon!

Love your ornament, I really want to stitch that one for myself.

Mylene said...

That's a cute finish, Von.

Here's dark, very windy and rainy too. The dog i am taking care at the moment doesn't even want stay long outside.

Kathy A. said...

That is a very lovely ornament. Sorry about those grey skies!!! Let's hope you get some sunshine soon.
I know what you mean about video. Our son signed us up for Skype and we talk and video view to our grandchildren at least once a week. They don't seem so far away that way.

mainely stitching said...

I'm not a fan of gray winter weather, either. Yuck. :0

Love that braid you made - it's gorgeous!

Vonna said...

It's a pretty finish Von and I love your braiding :)

I personally love winter...and its been rather gray and really cold here...but I would understand the need for sunshine after 2 weeks! I hope Old Man winter starts to blow outta there soon!

Connie Dunton said...

Don't hold your breath that the coast has anything special in store to send your way! Snow is predicted again this weekend!!! Sorry!! I know you hate this kind of weather, hope it brightens up soon.

I know what you mean about watching 24 and not being able to stitch. We finished up season 4 on of the better endings in my opinion...but I cannot take my eyes from the screen for even a moment or I miss something important. We also can't start a new season until we have enough time to watch all the episodes in a short time span...we get so hooked that it is torture to turn off the TV and go to bed!!

Sweet ornament! What are you planning on using your beautiful cording for?

love ya!

Jacqueline Korteland Boller said...

OH, just love the reindeer!! Makes me want to stitch it too and dig out my JSC ornaments issue!!

Dianne said...

Sending some vibes for sunshine! We've had freezing weather with a little snow this week, but mostly blah. The sun came out, but I stayed in!
I like your piece too. I still have an ornament tucked in a book to finish.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Von,

Greetings from the Great White and
still frigid North!! Yes, it's
Saturday morning and we're still
without a furnace. The good news
is that the parts were delivered
here yesterday, and the repair
guys are coming this afternoon to
install them and get the furnace
working again.

The fireplace and the heaters are
doing a good job of keeping the
house at a bearable temperature
and we're dressing in plenty of
warm layers to keep ourselves
comfortable. The temperature,
with windchill, outside today is
a balmy (!!) -26 Celsius!! But
skies are clear and the sun is

One of the things I love about
blogging is the many new and
interesting crafts that you
learn about from other bloggers.
This new braiding form is very
cool. I love how you can combine
threads, ribbons and other
materials to make your braid.
I watched the video you linked
to on your post and it was quite
straightforward and helpful.
Wonder if Michaels up here
carries this little gadget?

I've never been called for jury
duty, knock on wood, but my DH
was. He didn't have to go though.
Not sure if our system differs
from yours but I don't think
that there's much of a difference,
at least when it comes to jury
duty and our responsibilities.
They really to seem to like you
though, don't they??

Wow!! What a change in your son
Brendan's smile! He looks very
handsome with his new and
improved pearly whites.


Angela said...

Love the reindeer.

Andrea said...

A great ornament. I love the braiding.

a woman who is said...

It looks like we both are done with this weather. You have given me one great idea...I could catch up with Dan on 24. He is a big fan and has every season on DVD. I am just a few behind to get caught up with this season. Yahhh how exciting =/

We also seem to like our tea the same...lets drink our tea and pray for a for a Chinook!

Sharon said...

Goodness, that weather does sound depressing. Here is hoping sunshine will come your way soon. it's been a litle like that here too-though not as long. Pretty ornament and I love the braid.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Ooh that braid is stunning! Nice job Von!