Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Yikes! Three Weeks!

Three weeks is far too long in between postings, but it seems to be a trend for me lately. I'm sure that once x-country is over and the weather keeps me indoors, blogging will rise on my to-do list.

So school has started and I once again, after 17 years, have only one child in homeschool. Very nice to be one-on-one again - and this time only the dog is vying for my attention and not a toddler or baby (or babies)! Kevin and Kyle are at the public high school (Kamiakin) and experiencing the burden of homework while also managing after school sports practice and meets (x-country). Kyle seems to have pulled teachers who assign more homework than Kevin and we try to console him with the thought that he's learning more than Kevin. :)

Cross-country has been great for K&K. The kids are good students, hard workers, and cheer each other on at the meets. As of today we've been to three events with another coming this weekend. The first was a local jamboree, second an invitational in Olympia (266 miles), and yesterday a district meet in Yakima (83 miles), and Saturday in Spokane (141 miles). LOTS of traveling!

Here are some pics from yesterday's meet in Yakima. Kamiakin runners in the red uniforms.

JV Race



This Yakima meet was a tough one. First off, it was a hot day - temps in the 90s. Second, the race was 3 miles; previous races were 2-2.25 miles. Third, the course was hilly, including one lap up this steep, terraced hill.

The course in Olympia last weekend was level around Capitol Lake. Easy, and the times showed it. :) The bonus in going to the Olympia meet was seeing Connie and John Dunton, who spent the day with us at the park! They brought along their daughter Amy and her two little girls.


Barbara said...

Great to hear from you again!

Annemarie said...

Boy, it looks and sounds as if you're really busy. I love the pictures, esp. the one of you and Connie (that is you, isn't it?).
Must be special to be teaching just one child after all the busy-ness of the last couple of years. Hope to see some of your needlework soon!

shakatak66 said...

Great piccies - and lovely to see you and Connie together :) Enjoy your one-on-one schooling :)

Lynn said...

Good to see you back! Sounds like you had a great camping trip in August. I really miss my camping excursions with my boys.

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

You are up and at 'em again, I see. I love seeing the picture of you, Von. You look fabulous. And, Connie does too!
Hugs, Deb