Monday, September 22, 2008

Highlander Invitational

On Saturday, DH and I gave up our opportunity to sleep in to drive up to Spokane for the Highlander Invitational xcountry meet. Here in the Tri-Cities it was a rainy day, but as we headed north, the skies grew lighter and the weather was fine for the meet - much cooler than in Yakima.

The team had driven to Spokane the afternoon before so they had some time to familiarize themselves with the course and get a good night's sleep. And it sounds like the guys really do settle down at a decent hour. I know there were no problems in Olympia. :)

At 9:30 sharp, the freshmen race began. Two of our guys placed in the top three with all of them running a good race - good enough for the freshmen to win first place in team standings!

Kevin after the race

Kyle after the race
(with me in the background)

My guys were in the middle of the pack, but are showing improvement and this week Kyle had a better time than Kevin. I hope they can learn to push each other to continue to improve their times. They're not extremely competitive, but there is a streak there. :)

While we were out of town we stayed with our friends, the Fairchilds. It was her first overnighter with them and their girls were extremely excited to have Kirsten spend so much time with them. I know I'd like to spend more time there as the Fairchilds built a home on my favorite street here in Kennewick with an excellent view of the town, farmland, and hills in the distance. My DH says that I wouldn't like it up there because it's really windy - and it is - but having that view would definitely compensate!

Stitching? Well, I spent Sunday afternoon fixin' to stitch! The design I ordered for Dani's NRR finally arrived so floss was gathered and counting begun.


Vonna said...

What handsome young runners you have Von ;o)

Lili said...

Well, ditto Vonna...
Now, I also know how it feels to be smaller than your kid. Definitely weird. I wonder if I'll get used to it... Lol! DH says I can still use a chair to kick our son's *** but he's not taking my excellent balance into account. Lol!
Take care!

Sharon said...

Hi Von, the boys look great and the races look fun. I always admire anyone that run's because I don't like to. Looking forward to seeing your next RR.