Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SE Washington Drive

Sunday we left camp at Central Ferry to make our way over to Palouse Falls, and do a little geocaching along the way.

Snake River at Lyons Ferry

Palouse Falls

We've visited Palouse Falls several times over the years that we've lived in Kennewick, but never this early in the year, so I knew the falls would be roaring with the spring runoff from the nearby mountains. And since it was a holiday weekend, the park too was full to overflowing with visitors.

Kevin and Kyle looking over the edge at the falls.

This visit I actually walked along the trails that lead along the edge of the basin. These trails have no guardrails and I've never been brave enough to go with my kids - my mind goes to scary places. But even the youngest child is old enough to be careful, but not without an encouragement from me to not go too close to the edge. I thought I overcame my fears pretty well to allow the guys out on that point!

But the view from the edge is spectacular. There is so much green from the spring rains, couple it with the dramatic clouds casting their shadows - I could have stood there all day enjoying the beauty.

After our hike we drove back to the Snake River going east to Little Goose Dam, one of four dams on the Snake in Washington. Finally the kids had enough geocaching, were starving for food, so we drove back to camp.

Coming up: what I stitched over the weekend


Stitchingranny said...

Wow some stunning photographs there. Look forward to seeing what you found time to stitch.

Dianne said...

What beautiful country! Thanks for sharing something so spectacular!

Jenna said...

Beautiful falls! Thanks for sharing the photos. But, no guardrails on the trail and high up? No thanks! ;)

Sharon said...

What beautiful pictures! Wish I was there!