Friday, May 30, 2008

NRR, Finally

Yes, I've finally started my section of Margaret's Neighborhood. I'm carrying over from Vonna's front porch with a portion of "Country Garden" from the July/August 1988 Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine and will settle my little Victorian house in the background. I borrowed a pamphlet from Connie, leaflet 15 Bette Ashley Designs, "Street Scene" Vol. 1 which has five houses and a church of varying Victorian styles. This leaflet was published back in 1987, so I'm really hearkening back to my cross-stitch roots! :D

I've been working out in the garden some this week. Spending time outdoors in the fresh spring air and sunshine makes me feel so much better than I did during those short, winter days. This morning I brought a bounty of blooms into the house to fill several vases. This one is my favorite. The aroma from these roses is astounding.

What's up for this weekend? Well, it's birthday time once again. Grandson Jaeger turned 3 on Tuesday and DD Mystie's birthday is Sunday, so they're hosting a brunch Saturday morning. After that, DH and Kirsten are attending the kayak festival, the twins will be going to a special karate class with the sensei from Spokane, and I'm sure Brendan will come up with something. As for me, I'll be stitching away on that round robin!

Hope your weekend plans include some fun and relaxation. :)


Jenna said...

Wow, gorgeous roses, Von! It sounds like you will certainly have a nice weekend to yourself after the birthday celebrations. :)

Barb said...

Your WIP is pretty and beautiful roses there!

Barbara said...

Oh, I just want to bury my nose in those roses!!!

Your NRR for Vonna is off to a great start!

And most importantly, happy birthday wishes for your family!!

Deborah/LavenderRose said...

Dear Von, I've had a wonderful time catching up on all I've missed for the past 6 weeks!! Wow!! You've been up to lots, and the flowers you're featuring are so beautiful.
It was so nice to visit with you. Love and hugs, Deb

Andrea said...

Beautiful start to the RR. Lovely roses too.

Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

Dianne said...

Happy birthday wishes to Mystie and Jaeger!
What lovely roses. I've had 3 blooms so far-a deep red and two yellows-so happy about that. : )
Your stitching is looking good too!

Lelia said...

Awwww .... luv your flowers!!! We havn't had much bloom [yet]. A few tulips & daffodils. My iris are in tight buds - just one or two have opened. Alex & I have been in the flower beds pulling weeds, etc. It is a break from Winter - for sure.

Beautiful RR block!!

Enjoy your week-end