Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What to do Next?

Shopping . . . write the Christmas letter. . . bake. . . make the cards. . . errands. . . laundry. . .

My mind is reeling from all the things I want to do, some I really have to do. Needless to say, I'm not at all ready for Christmas!

One thing I did accomplish was baking twenty loaves of cinnamon swirl bread, fifteen of which went to the Confection Selection which raises money for our local pregnancy center. Two loaves weren't really gift worthy so we had it for breakfast and the other loaf went home with a neighbor boy since he was here doing homework with Brendan - good timing on his part. Three loaves went to Yakima for our MCI staff there.

Buying more bread pans made it possible to get so many loaves made. Should have bought more years ago!! Sometimes I am so penny wise and pound foolish!

Over the weekend DH and I drove over to Moscow, Idaho, to attend the wedding of the daughter of friends of ours. Snow was forecast all week, however, the wind must have blown it somewhere else. The roads were perfect! We enjoyed catching up with friends that we don't often have a chance to see, both from the Tri-Cities and Moscow. In fact, we didn't leave the reception until they practically pulled the chairs out from under us! (Hi, Terri!!) Sunday we attended church in Moscow, had a nice lunch in Pullman, then headed for home with a couple of stops for geocaches. Sunday evening was our annual Sunday school Christmas program, which dd Melanie directed. Thankfully, she was enabled by many friends with more experience! She did a fine job and has a better idea of how to pull everyone together for next time.

So, I'm not getting any stitching time in, but I have been making up some Christmas cards. Guess a good number of them will be late, but Christmas isn't really over until Epiphany, right? That's the way I'm looking at it anyway.

I hope you're all enjoying the beauty of the season, the warmth of the love from your family, and a nice cookie now and then!


Ali B said...

Hi Von, I have enjoyed catching up on your latest news, and it sounds like you have been busy with all your lovely baking and also had a great time at the wedding reception. I am looking forward to 20th December, the shortest day, so that we may be able to start seeing evidence of more daylight - I am craving the longer days!!

Barbara said...

I'm trying to stay away from the cookies, but I've certainly been enjoying the beauty and love of the season. :D I'd like to enjoy some of your homemade bread, too!! LOL!

tkdchick said...

Hi Von,

I'm glad I'm not the only one feeling like they're not going to be ready!

Vonna said...

Sounds like your keeping busy ;)
The bread looks scrumptious and if you could squeeze one in an envelope...that'd be great!

Isabelle said...

Dear Von,
Your bread sounds and looks scrumptious. You always get so much done - don't worry, you'll get there!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your bread looks wonderful, I love what you stitchied for Deb's NRR and your garland is such a clever idea, well done.

Elisabeth said...

You're at a bit of loose end then, huh???=)

The Silver Thistle said...

Just popping by to wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas!

Looking forward to hearing all your news in 2008!

Dianne said...

Your bread is beautiful! Bet it was delicious! I'm sure by now you are caught up with everything. I will probably make a few more cookies today after a 3 day break! And tidying up is always on the agenda.
Have a fabulous Christmas!
Fritz looks so regal up there.