Saturday, December 22, 2007

Last Puppy Cut

Fritz went to the groomer yesterday for the last puppy cut. Next visit he'll get the full Schnauzer trim. Poor pup was scared almost to death when we took him for his cut a few weeks back. The groomer advised us to get out the clippers, put him on the counter and just pretend to trim him to get him used to the height, position, and buzz of the clippers, which we did. Yesterday she said he did a great job and she even was able to trim the inside of his ears.

And those EARS! :) Since the trim, they stand out from his head when he perks up - what funny expressions he makes now! All the humans in the house are having fun with the pup. But Tigger gets pretty annoyed with him and makes it quite clear he's not available to play, lol!

Today I'm working on more cards, getting a bit of housework done, and lots of laundry. Sunday afternoon my sister and her family will be here for Christmas and the fun will begin!


Sweet Pea said...

Ooohhh! I've been itching for a schnauzer since I saw the little pup at the pet store around the corner from our house. DH has always had a schnauzer in his family, and I'm dying to get one, but he keeps saying not until we move. So until then, I'll have to enjoy YOUR Fritz!

Leena said...

What a cute photo!! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Courtney said...

oh dear goodness, I love your dog!!

I have my third mini schnauzer, and there's just something about those faces that melt my heart!!

Carol said...

Nice cut!!! He looks so handsome. Merry Christmas Von!

tkdchick said...

Awwww Von he's just adorable!

Have a Merry Chrsitmas!

Chiara said...

Hi Von, I wish you a very merry Christmas with your Family!!

lena-lou said...

Whoo hoo isn't he handsome :-))