Thursday, September 13, 2007

What's for Dinner?

How 'bout Cajun Salmon Sandwiches? Every now and then I subscribe to Leanne Ely's Menu Mailer. Every week I receive an email that gives me the week's dinner menu (six dinners), recipes, and glory-be - a shopping list. Now for some of you, getting dinner on the table may not be a big deal, and even I can manage to feed my family, but I get into a cooking mental fog this time of year with the start of school. So Menu Mailer rescues my family and almost every meal gets a big thumbs up from my gang. Tonight's Salmon Sandwiches drew raves from the twins - almost 14yo boys, so almost anything edible is a thrill to them.

Still, it feels really good when my family is eager to see what's for dinner and tries, gingerly sometimes, something new. Last night's dinner, Low Country Stir Fry was not a favorite with the younger kids (they ate it though!), but dd Melanie and I really liked it. Lots of brown rice, and leftover vegetables from the fridge. So if you need to go on automatic menu-planning for awhile, give Menu Mailer a try!


I wanted to thank all of you who left such supportive comments on my Homeschooling 101 entry. Please know that I am no hero, and like all of you, am simply trying to raise my children the best way I know how. I truly believe that all good parents homeschool to a certain extent. Even if you can't help with homework, providing a good study environment, working with the teachers, cheering your kids on, and putting limits on other activities when grades aren't up to snuff,etc. all count towards providing a quality education for your kids.

To answer a couple of questions:

Rachael, Kirsten talks about going to public high school. That decision will wait a few more years. We'll see if I'll really be ready to let go of my last little chick. :D

Coral, I've tried letting the kids grade some of their own papers, but overall it doesn't work for us. We all struggle with that lazy gene and if I'm not more involved day-to-day then schoolwork doesn't get done. In an effort to be more efficient in accomplishing daily schoolwork, I've brought the boys back out into the "school" area where I can keep better watch on what they're doing, keep the chatting/squabbling down, and be better available to answer questions. For a couple of years they studied in their bedroom because little sister learning to read and requiring more interaction with me was a huge distraction. But doors close and out of Mom's sight, too often meant out of Mom's mind. So I do not do a perfect job at this education thing, but so far the end result has been pretty good. :)

In fact, Sunday ds Geoff went to his first business convention with his boss to Las Vegas. The convention was at the Bellagio, and that's about all he got to see of the Strip, as they were busy from sunup to late at night with classes and dinners with business associates. He returned home last night eager to tell us all about what he did and the people he met. It's really gratifying to see your son excited about his job and the people he works with.


Lili said...

After the evening I had yesterday with the kids' homework and then my own German first lesson, I can say that we certainly do home schooling at our level too... Lol! The difficult part is to take every child individually...
DH might take your offer and come to do the washing up... Lol!
Take care, dear Von!

Barbara said...

We stay as involved in the kids' public schooling as possible, but so much depends on the teacher also being open & communicative. Sigh. I think you do a FABULOUS job!

Your menu mailings sound like a brilliant idea. My brain seems to be a little empty when it comes to dinner ideas lately.

Vonna said...

Those sandwiches look delicious. I'm not a big fish person myself...but my dh loves it :)
I seem to make all the same things my mother made, is it in the genes? Or just what I was taught??? I don't know..but my life has been full of the same meals :) LOL!

Isabelle said...

Oh, that looks yummy!! Thank you for the inspiration. :) I've really enjoyed your previous entries as well. It's so nice to visit your blog and get a glimpse into your homeschooling life.

Claire's Blogosphere said...

I jus adore your blog. Please check out mine, I just got it up and running!

God Bless,
Claire Kennedy

Hazel said...

Thanks for the link and what super stash you have got!! xx

Tanya said...

That sandwich looks wonderful - off to check the link and sign up for recipes too.


Rachael said...

Maybe I need to try something like this. I have tried quite a few new recipies lately- I keep trying to sneak in more veg ( gotta keep that cholesterol under control) ,but Patrick has been really picky. I always thought 14 year old boys ate everything. LOL . I totaly understand about you wanting to keep Kirsten home as long as possible.One of the things I think soounds so nice about homeschooling is that I miss my kids when they are gone all day.

Margaret said...

Your sandwich looks yummy - I love salmon!!
Sounds like you had a lovely trip to Portland and Vancouver. I saw the Columbia River Gorge several years ago and way awed by its beauty. Lovely stash purchases too.
It was such fun to see pictures of your kids in their schoolroom. What a nice big area and a lovely library that I'd love to browse in.

Mindi said...

Those sandwiches look yummy! Now I'm hungry and may have to take an early lunch. I'll have to check out the link for the menu planner. Sometimes I find it harder to cook for just myself than for multiple people.

Karen said...

That sandwich sure looks good! Salmon is my favourite food. :)

Wendy said...

Thanks for the menu tip! It sounds like a wonderful idea and just what I need to spruce up my boring dinner fare. In spite of all the wonderful fresh veggies available right now, I'm at a loss as to what to prepare most of the time.

Lelia said...

looks delicious. thx for the link to sprucing up our menus : )