Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Baby Robins

have hatched, keeping mother and father robin extremely busy feeding the rapidly growing hatchlings. We can catch a glimpse of the little ones by peering through the floor boards of the deck - freshly hatched robins are awfully ugly! :D But just a few short days later, they are big enough to be seen as I sit at my patio table. Soon they'll be making a great chirping noise as the empty stomachs cause complaints among the babes. I hope to be able to get a good picture soon - at least I'll try.

Father's Day was a great day at the Paulson house. DD Mystie and her family joined all the rest (except for Brendan who is away at camp) of us for grilled steaks, macaroni salad (a huge favorite for my oldest kids), grilled veggies, homemade bread (thanks Mystie!), and Costco's raspberry/rhubarb pie for dessert. Laughter rang out all afternoon as the kids played card games, and the grandsons entertained us with their antics. It was almost like Christmas.

Today I drove Gary over to Seattle for that monthly luncheon meeting. One of these times, maybe next month, his partner will take his turn. But for now he is busy building desks and other furnishings for the new building. The weather was beautiful today, and Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier burst from the horizon in snowy splendor. While Gary was in his luncheon, I drove down the street a bit to Pacific Fabrics. I found a couple of marked down books, bought some general sewing supplies and left satisfied, but not ecstatic. The Pacific Fabrics in Issaquah or Puyallup are much nicer stores to shop in. This Seattle store purports to be the discount outlet, I but didn't find many bargains unfortunately.

My postal carrier brought me a padded mailer yesterday - from Carol! As I have a birthday coming up this week, I believe it's a birthday gift which I'll save to open on the great day. :)


lena-lou said...

The Robins must be sweet, my neighbour gets Blue Tits nesting and it ia lovely to see them all busy :) Your FD does souns as if it was great fun, how nice!
You're very good waiting to open your gift ;-)

Lili said...

Now I can see the pics from your previous post, thanks!
I think you're right: freshly hatched robins are ugly. We sure know about it: our cat brings some regularly... it drives me crazy... Call it instinct, I'm always so sorry...
Glad to read you had such a fine fathers' day! So did we.
Take care, Lili

Vonna said...

We had the same menu at my mom's house...were your talking?! LOL! Macaroni salad is my favorite and I ate 2 pieces of rhubarb pie...SHHHHH!!!! I love that stuff!

Dianne said...

I had a duo of baby Cardinals under my bedroom window. The last time I saw them they were trying to stay dry from the rain, so sad. I think they moved to the 'condo' behind the shed as mom and dad seem to come from that area.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Is is a milestone one?

Barbara said...

Baby birds (and those who're moulting, such as our Gil) are remarkably ugly, I agree!

Sounds like you've been enjoying some wonderful family time. :D

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful time:) You have better will power than me I would be opening my present right away..lol.

Hazel said...

Hello! Thanks for the comment on my blog. The nausea comes and goes but mainly seems to be hitting me in the afternoons! xx