Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It's one of those superb Tri-Cities evenings tonight! Just perfect - no wind, warm temperature, birds singing, me outside on the back patio with my computer, which you can make out in the dark picture above. Evenings like this simply must be savored, so join me out on the patio!

I'm slowly making my way through all the blog posts in my Newsgator account. I was going to do something else this evening, but as long as it's so lovely out here on the patio, change of plan - now I think I'll read my way through all your blog posts, so in a way, you are here with me. :)


Vonna said...

What a lovely thought! We've had a couple of super evenings here as well! Thanks for sharing your evening with us :)

Wendy said...

We have been enjoying fantastic weather the past few days - no humidity, just perfect June weather. But the forecast is calling for some heavy hot weather ahead. I must get out tonight to enjoy the last perfect June night with you.

quiltorstitch said...

It was a beautiful night last night wasn’t it? It was hot for the day, but really cooled off in the evening. I had all my windows open, it was lovely. If you ever come into Portland, I’d LOVE to meet up with you sometime! We could go to lunch, or I could take you to my favorite LNS Acorns & Threads (have you ever been there?)

Mylene said...

Happy happy birthday Von.
Hope you are having a great day with family and friends. Hugs.

Aussie Stitcher said...

What a lovely post Von, wish I were there with you.